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Default Modern Rifle 6.5x55 loads

Most load data for the 6.5x55 is for older Mausers. Does anyone know of a source of load data for modern rifles?
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Default Modern Rifle 6.5x55 loads

No, don't know of one. There's probably a good reason for it, too.

I personally wouldn't push the 6.5x55 past the 46,000 cup or 51,000 psi SAAMI limit, regardless of what rifle I was shooting, for two reasons:

First, excellent performance on game is had with the listed loadings. In fact, I have backed off from max quite a ways on most of my loads for 100 to 129 grain and still get superb performance on deer. Heavier game up to elk or moose would most certainly fall easily to the listed loads with 140 and 160 grain bullets. The extra kick and blast won't give you any appreciable increase in lethality or range. Why crank up an already darn good bolt of lightning?

Second, it is also the cartridge case itself, and not just the rifle, which must withstand the increase in pressure. This is most likely why you will not find any published data in the range you desire. The rifle may handle things fine, but the cartridge may exhibit backed-out primers, bulging, or split necks or heads. To me it isn't worth the extra 100-200 fps to risk those things.

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Default Modern Rifle 6.5x55 loads

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Default Modern Rifle 6.5x55 loads

SR James,

My wife shoots a 6.5mm Swede in a modern bolt action so if you PM me with a e-mail address I'll give you a hand with some of the loads I have worked up. That is if you would like them. Lawdog

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Default Modern Rifle 6.5x55 loads

SR James,

My 6.5x55 is chambered in the M70 Winchester Featherweight and I use the data from the following source.

If you can get your hands on a copy of the March-April 1997 issue of "Rifle" magazine(#170 I think), there is an article authored by David A. Webb, complete with a chart of many loads that will probably suit your needs. Great article!

Good shooting!

Buffalogun 8)

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Default Modern Rifle 6.5x55 loads

I had a model 96 built in 1915 I belive ,that would not take hot loading of the 6.5.
Then I also have a model 38 Mauser that was built in '42 that will take a load that would lock the 96 up solid. so I sold the old 96.
Shooting the published loads backing off 10% to start in your rifle, then working up a load in your own rifle is the only way to go.

You will probably see your deer shot with this cartridge as a bit of an over kill. The doe my wife shot had an fair sized exit hole,went down with one shot.
You are far away from being under gunned.

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Default Modern Rifle 6.5x55 loads

Ken Waters' Handloader article, Dec. '94, "Modern Powders in the 6.5x55" available by snail mail. PM me. Bottom line is the cartridge likes slower powders. Rl 22 was a winner with both 140 and 120 gr. bullets. I agree that given the nature of the cartridge itself (long, heavy-for-caliber bullet that already has great ballistic performance and penetration) stretching for the last 100 fps just isn't necessary.
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Default Modern Rifle 6.5x55 loads

The most recent Nosler manuals show some very impressive loads in the 6.5x55. They achieve 2,800 fps with the 140 grain Nosler Partition and 3,000 with the 125 grain Partition. That's as good as it gets I would think.

Remember, 2,800 is the max for the 140 grain bullet in the slighly larger 7x57 mauser, and it's a short bullet, with less bearing surface and less sectional density than the longer, smaller .264" 6.5 140 grain bullet.

I believe the 125 grain Partition bullet at 3,000 fps in the 6.5x55 is fully the equal as a deer killer as the factory 130 grain .270 WCF loads, which average a modest 2,900 in most 22" barrels.

The 140 grain Partition at 2,800 should alse kill as well as the standard factory .270 and would probably penetrate better.
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Default 6.5-55, RL-22, 140gr Nosler Partition

This is one Deer smacker!! I have the grand total of 10ft. of tracking twice. This caliber has a reputation for penetration and dropping them as they stand. Both shots were shoot thru's and the bullet did massive damage in the chest and vitals. One was 75 yards and one was 150yds. I believe the 140gr. Nosler Partition works great for the bullet size and 2650 fps.
I don't think a bonded or Barnes bullet would work as well just to tough. IMHO this caliber and the 140gr or120gr Nosler Partition are made for each other. Buckfever
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Default Modern Rifle 6.5x55 loads

I had one built on a Parker Hale 1200 for my ex-wife and with 140gr Hornady's got just over 2800fps thru a crnograph at 10ft. I loved that thing and sure do miss it. In contrast, my 6.5-06 with the same bullet gives me a bit over 2850fps.

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