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Default 44 mag for deer hunting

I was wondering if anyone had good information regarding this caliber for deer hunting. I always heard that the energy at the target should be greater than 1000 ft./lbs. for deer hunting. According to Hornady's website they list the ballistics for the 44 mag leverevolution at muzzle 1410/993 50 yds. 1240/768 100 yds. 1111/617. If you want a 100 yd. deer rifle shouldn't it have more 617 lbs. of energy at that range.
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Default Re: 44 mag for deer hunting

If I want to shoot 100 yards or more on deer, I use my .308, (first choice), 7mm-08, .30-30, .30-06, or .45-70. The pistol calibers stay home. I'll probably catch flak on this, but IMHO the .44 and .357 are 50 yard deer guns.

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Default Re: 44 mag for deer hunting

jjas is right, it is a great caliber in a carbine. The bullet diameter is bigger going in than many expand to. It won't take deer in every conceivable case, but neither will the .30-06. Pick your shots, you should anyway. In a semi automatic it affords a very fast follow-up shot due to it's low recoil. Whatever action you use, make the first shot count.
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Default Re: 44 mag for deer hunting

Well yeah petmi, 100 at the most. But really, it is ridiculous to set a certain limit as to the exact foot pounds of energy. Shot placement is far, far, far more important than energy numbers. And that is why I'd set 100 yards as the limit for pistol caliber carbines, bullet drop begins to make precise shot placement rather difficult beyond 100 yards. The 30/30 with 150 grain bullets at 2300fps or so shoots flat enough to be an honest 200 yard deer rifle. Short, fat pistol bullets launched at 1700-1800fps just can't measure up at that distance but within 100 yards they are deadly. The .44 mag carries considerably more energy down range than does a round ball from a .50 caliber muzzleloader and i and many others can attest that those are more than adequate.

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Default Re: 44 mag for deer hunting

44cal and bigger rifles are a whole different deal than that guideline was set up for.
If your shooting a 30 cal or less you need expantion and hydroshock to help kill the animal.

With a heavy 44 you just make a big hole in there organs.
They used to kill bison with 45/70 at LONG ranges.
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Default Re: 44 mag for deer hunting

Many elephants and cape buffalo have fallen before the various .44 Magnum handguns with a single shot. I expect a .44 Magnum carbine would kill a whitetail deer.

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Default Re: 44 mag for deer hunting

Now you guys know that as of late all of the whitetails are bullet resistant, to anything smaller that a 700 Nitro Express :
The 44 mag in a carbine will realibily kill any deer alive, within the cartridge and shooters limitations.Meaning range and ability. Doug.

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Default Re: 44 mag for deer hunting

I have taken deer at more than 100 yds with the 44 mag in rifles, and have never had another caliber kill any quicker. Whoever picked 1000 ft lbs as the minimum hasn't got a clue on the effectiveness of big holes in vital organs. That's my opinion. DP

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Default Re: 44 mag for deer hunting

.44 Mag is very good at dropping deer out to and beyond 150 yards, So is a .357 carbine. the problem is with the rainbow trajectory gotta know where she hits at that range, I don't so I won't shoot past a 100 with mine. And let me tell ya they drop right now if you hit them where you are supposed to.

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Default Re: 44 mag for deer hunting

There is just some thing about a large diameter bullet moving relatively slow that just seems to knock game dead real quick. I am from Indiana where we were only allowed to hunt deer with shot gun slugs. Then they opened it up to archery and then muzzle loaders. Yep, I go back a ways, I even remember when you could not even hunt deer in Indiana, that was before 1964 :. Recently they have opened it up to straight walled cartridges of 1.650" or less. With the exception of arrows all of these have some thing in common - slow moving, large diameter lead with rainbow trajectories (relatively). There have been lots and lots of deer killed in the state with these type of fire arms. There really is not much difference between a saboted muzzle loader projectile and a 44 Mag. Just about the same velocity and diameter bullets. If you think a 50 caliber muzzle loader is enough, then a 44 mag is enough. As has been mentioned, you have to hit 'em where it counts with an appropriate projectile, period. Even a 12 gauge slug will not make a clean kill if you do not hit them in the appropriate places. I recall a "gut" shot deer with it's tongue hanging out and running like there was no tomorrow, they never did find it. It died a slow death some where. > I personally can not see much advantage to the "pistol" cartridges over a muzzle loader, except they are much easier to load, and can have multiple shots/reloaded quicker. Good Luck and Good Shooting

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