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Default .357 Highway Patrolman

I have a rather nice .357 Highway Patrolman that I inherited from my father.
I, however, have hands that are a little below average in size. In the single action position, with the hammer back and the trigger in the "fire" position, I have no problem with comfort or accuracy.
However, in the double action position, the trigger is quite a reach for my trigger finger.
Overall, I am happy with my control of the gun and my performance with it.
I would like to trade "up" to a .44 Mag., but need a suggestion regarding what make/model will have a shorter trigger pull in the double action position than the S&W H.P.
Any help?
Anyone willing to trade?

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Default .357 Highway Patrolman

The N-frame model 28 is a fantastic gun, but if you're wanting to trade up to a .44, the S&W .44 magnums, (model 29 and 629) are also N-frame, so the reach to the trigger would probably be about the same. If you're serious about getting rid of that fantastic revolver of yours in want of a .44 mag, the only ones with a shorter reach I can think of are the tracker series Taurus revolvers, and maybe the Ruger super-blackhawk.

As far as I can tell, the reach is about the same on my S&W 28, 629, and Ruger super-redhawk. I have smaller than average hands too, I normally wear a size medium glove, but haven't noticed any problems with the reach on these guns, but I normally shoot everything single-action anyways.

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Default .357 Highway Patrolman

KEEP the M28
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Default .357 Highway Patrolman

With your model 28, I'd try using a Tyler or Pachmayr grip adapter and original magna grips?

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Default Re: .357 Highway Patrolman

I would first ask what kind of grips are on the M28? If it has the original grips your options are not that great because all the large N frames are the same size.

The M28 Patrolman dates back quite a few years ( 1960's & 1970's ) and all the rage back then was to replace the factory grips for larger target grips or, if your Dad was a lawman, the Bill Jordan style grip. This Jordan style was for BIG handed guys as Bill was a giant. This grip style fills in lots of wood behind the older squared frame to create a cruved backstap area. Thus it makes a big gun even BIGGER. I have a set purchased years ago when I was trying to be one of the cool crowd. I'm not a cop but every lawman wanted a set until they tried them. If these are on your gun, no wonder you have a problem.

If you really have a smaller hand size check out the newer round butt N frames they might fit better.

If you like the .357 cartridge move down to an L-frame.

Another option that jumps to mind is if you look around at some gun shows see if you can find a Dan Wesson Large frame .44 MAG. This gun's design does not have a frame like the M28 to hinder grip size. It has a frame stud to mount any size grip to verses the large fixed frame of the M28. This always made the Dan Wesson REALLY comfy and very versatile for grip makers and variations of grips and sizes. I don't think they make these anymore so the used price used should be very favorable for a good example. I have seen at my local shows most Dan Wessons run slightly less than S & W. If you traded the M28 in the price might really be affordable. There is still lots of stuff around for them. They also had the switch barrel feature so different barrels and shrouds could be mounted. They also came in kits. A gun frame, several barrels and tool in an aluminum carry case. John Taffin has always written very highly of the Dan Wessons and they have won lots of tournaments. I does not hurt to investigate the thought. You could have a grip made custom from a tracing of your own hand.

Some Smith & Wesson purists may scream at my suggestion.. But hey, You want shooting to be a fun sport. And at least it has Wesson in the name too.

Just my 2 cents

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Default Re: .357 Highway Patrolman

First, try various and sundry grips on the S&W. I've seen these sporting S&W traget grips more often than S&W Magna grips. The Magnas will have a shorter trigger reach than the S&W Targets, as might any of several after market grips.

Second, I might be open to the idea of a S&W 28 / DW 44 trade of some sort. But only if the 28 has a 6 or 8-3/8 inch barrel. (I don't know that they were ever offered with an 8-3/8 inch barrel.)
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Default Re: .357 Highway Patrolman

I've had a mod 28 for over 30 yrs. now. I have big wide hands but short fingers. I tried many differant grips untill I tried the Pachmayer "Gripper / professional" style.These have the finger grooves of the grippers but an exposed backstrap. They're wide enough to soften recoil but give a shorter trigger reach. I liked them so well I put the same style on my mod 29

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Default Re: .357 Highway Patrolman

I retired 12 years ago, but in 1978 I won a fight with a Model 28 shooting 125 grain hollow points. The gun is a little heavier than necessary for the 357 round, but he didn't know that. When you say trading up, I sincerely hope your not thinking of trading you father's gun off. I would hope my Sons wouldn't. By the way, a Model 29 smith is exactly the same trigger reach. If your going to hunt with it, single action is the way to shoot it. It will give you more accuracy, that way on your end of the gun.

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Default Re: .357 Highway Patrolman

Hold on to the Model 28. I have a Model 13-1
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Default Re: .357 Highway Patrolman

Keep the M28 if you trade dads gun one day you will probably be sick of it. If you want a 44 I would recommend the Ruger Super Blackhawk, they are excellent revolvers seem to work well with small hands.
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