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Default 257 & 6.5 jdj cartridges

Hello all, Does anyone load either of these calibers. Could you share some info on preformace and reloading.

I am considering one of these and would like to hear about them. Thanks, Byron


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Default 257 & 6.5 jdj cartridges

I shoot and reload the 6.5 JDJ in both 14" and 21" barrels. With light bullets it's great for larger varmints. With 120 or 125 gr. bullets it is excellent for deer. I get about 2400 fps with the 125 Nosler Partition using RL-15, with excellent accuracy, from the 14" barrel. Seems to me it's around 2600 for the 21" with this load, but I don't have my notes handy. Reloading data is available in some manuals, and SSK Industries will send some if you ask. In my opinion, the .257 might be better for varmints due to the availability of lighter bullets, but the 6.5 seems better for deer, though either would work I'm sure.

Hope this helps.

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Default 257 & 6.5 jdj cartridges

I have the 257, but haven't really messed with it too much yet. It seems the 6.5 will get you into some higher weight bullets, but I think even a 100-115 grain bullet will get the job done for the ranges that I'm comfortable shooting (200 yards max). If I was choosing a barrel for deer hunting only, though, I'd pick the 6.5. JD claims the 85 grain bullet will do up to 2900 fps and is a good varmint/deer/antelope caliber, but I think I'll stick to something a bit heavier myself.
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Default 257 & 6.5 jdj cartridges

The 6.5JDJ has been my favorite Contender barrel for many years and still is. Never shot any deer with anything else but the old Speer 120SP. It has always worked so well, I just never saw the need to try anything else. My barrel does shoot 85 Sierra and both 100 and 120 BT's extremely well, but never shot anything bigger than a groundhog with them. All loads powered by IMR 4320. Even though I shoot this barrel a lot ( more than most any of my barrels ), I've never tried different components much, simply because these worked soooo well. I'd go for it!!...just don't think you can go wrong here. No experience with the 257, but I'd expect the two to be pretty close. Like someone else said...maybe a little advantage toward the 257 on varmits and the 6.5 on bigger game.Good Luck anyway! Walt
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Default JDJ for deer

I you can have just one for deer, the 6.5 JDJ is terrific. I have used 120 gr Speer and Nosler bt's for deer with good results as have most 6.5 fans. The Speer bullet seems a slightly less accurate but tougher on heavier animals. For lighter bullets, I decided on the 6mm JDJ and this shoots the lighter (80 to 95 gr) varmint bullets extremely well. My 6.5 JDJ chamber is a little too long for the shorter varmint weight bullets. But you can shoot prarie dogs all day with 120's if you don't want to mount them!!!:grin: pg

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Default 257 & 6.5 jdj cartridges

I have a 6.5JDJ#2, which is a 307Win necked down to a 6.5 and shoulder blown out in a SSK 14" barrel. This is in a Contender and it's basically a 6.5 Super Bower. I get [email protected] with this barrel and it don't like the light stuff, but 120 Speers and 140gr Sierra's are the ticket! The load I shoot the most uses IMR4350. Cases's just fall out after shot. As far a fps I don't know,but as good as it shoots it don't bother me.
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Default 257 & 6.5 jdj cartridges

what do you want to do with the gun? I've got the 6.5 JDJ (14") contender and a 7-30 waters (also 14") .They are almost identical rounds.120's in either will take deer size and larger game.Lighter bullets can be used to take every thing smaller.I stick with the 120's because ,in my gun,(6.5) they are the most accurate. I've heard of some one using a 6.5 JDJ carbine on Caribou and red deer in New Zealand.I KNOW the 120"s in the 6.5 will take Whitetail deer and antelope.Prairee dogs.coyote and ground hog are also on the list.I've used mine on feral pigeons and crows too! I never had much luck with 25 calibers though, so I didn'tget the 257 jdj or T/Cu.
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Default 257 & 6.5 jdj cartridges

I've got two 257JDJ's and like them both. One is a rechamber and the other is a new SSK barrel, both in carbine form. I just love them both. Have only used H4895 powder so far and they seem to like it pretty well. One I shoot 87gr Sierra's out of the other 75 gr Sierra's. Easy to form and easy to load for. I have never had any trouble getting .225 brass.
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