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Default Mueller Multi-Shot 2-7x32mm Review

Mueller Multi-Shot 2-7x32mm Review


By DougK

When selecting scopes I had always followed the conventional wisdom of “Buy the best scope you can afford”. After blindly following that wisdom for years I began to wonder if there was a great value scope that I was missing. In researching the various scopes that are moderately priced, the Mueller scope always was mentioned as a great value. In reading the responses to scope referrals on various Internet chat boards I noticed Mueller had a strong following of loyal customers.

Having recently acquired a Valmet 412 combination gun, with 2 barrels, one a 12 ga over .222 Remington, the other a 12 ga. over .243 Winchester, my search for a scope became very real. I began seriously looking for a variable power hunting scope that would handle the punishment of a 12 gauge, the recoil from a .243 and larger caliber rifle cartridges if I add additional barrels to the Valmet. At this same time an opportunity presented itself to evaluate a Mueller Multi-Shot 2-7x32mm scope for free. With a 14 month old running around, I am always looking for ways to save money so I accepted the offer. After evaluating the scope, and having it pass the freezer test, I liked the Mueller Multi-Shot so much I ended up buying it and an additional Mueller scope.

Mueller Multi-Shot scopes feature a unique reticle, multi-coated lenses, finger tip turret adjustments, ¼ MOA adjustments, multi coated lenses, FOV of 18 to 47 feet at 100 yards, 3.25 inch eye relief and is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

In my opinion, the recticle puts the Mueller Multi-Shot into a class of its own. I have found target acquisition and tracking much faster and easier with the Mueller reticle. After analyzing this, it appears my eye is able to focus on the target while seeing the reticle verse having to focus on the reticle then focus on the target. The outer circle and the illuminated dot have become extremely useful features. On 2x the outer circle covers 15 inches at 40 yards, which is useful for shot patterning on the target. The outer circle at 100 yards covers 40 inches on 2x and 16 inches on 7x which will be useful for sizing deer this fall (I will be using the Mueller on the 12 ga. over.243 Winchester barrel for deer season).

The following picture is through the scope at 7x, the rock is at 50 yards.

At first I thought the illuminated dot would be only used during low light and night hunting situations. However, the 11 light intensity settings allowed use in every light condition I encountered for hunting and shooting situations.

When I first received the scope I was comparing the clarity of the optics to a much more expensive scope in various light conditions. Maybe it’s that my eyes are getting old but I could not see any noticeable difference between the clarity and brightness of the Mueller compared to the other scope.

After sighting in the scope, it along with the rifle fell off the back of an ATV. The one-piece scope tube now has a .25 inch gash where it fell on the teeth of the ATVs metal footrest. After this debacle on my part the scope stayed accurate. To make sure the internal assembly was functioning correctly I used the fingertip adjustments to move 2 inches down and 2 inches to the right and the scope tracked correctly. I then adjusted the scope 2 inches up and 2 inches to the left and the scope was back at zero.

After putting over 100 rounds of 12 ga. slugs, 25 rounds of 3 inch BBB and over 100 rounds of .222 the scope has kept its zero and has not needed any adjustments. After this pounding and my accidental dropping I will put the Mueller scope in the tough shockproof scope category. It has proven its durability and reliability. It has also shown its fog proof capabilities on many foggy mornings, I wish my glasses were as fog proof.

Eye relief has always been very important to me especially with combo guns where you are using 3 inch shotgun shells. The 3.25 inch eye relief works perfectly and allows me to select the shotgun or rifle without having to worry about a black eye or cracked glass.

Near the end of the evaluation I conducted the “Freezer Test”. The “Freezer Test” is one of the ultimate tests of the scopes durability and construction. I normally do not conduct this test with new scopes but given this is an evaluation I felt it was an appropriate test. The scope was frozen for 6 hours then dropped it into very warm water (approximately 100 degrees) for 15 minutes to see if any leaks occurred. No leaks occurred.

If you’re looking for a high quality, highly durable scope with an innovative red dot reticle and an earned loyal following, then Mueller is the scope that should be at the top of your list. I was so impressed with the Mueller Multi-Shot during the evaluation that I purchased it and another Mueller scope.

· Euro Coated: “Fully Multi-Coated” camera quality crystal lenses for superior brightness and contrast
· All weather high-torque power change ring
· ¼″ windage and elevation adjustments with audible click stops and low profile easy fingertip turrets (no tools required)
· Circle (inside): Covers 15″ at 40 yds
· Dot: Covers 1″ at 100 yds
· 11 dot brightness intensity settings
· Big diameter ocular lens for wider field of view
· FOV @ 100 yds: 47′–18′
· Weight: 13.3 oz
· Eye Relief: 3.25″
· Overall length: 11.3″
· Fast focus eyeball
· Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof
· 1″ tube construction with matte black finish to minimize glare
· Limited Lifetime Warranty


Part # MU2732IGR
F.O.V. @ 100yds 47′–18′
Length 11.30″
Eye Relief 3.25″
Click Value ¼″ @ 100yds
Tube Size 1.0″
Lenses Fully Multi Coated
Color Matte Black
Weight 13.3 oz
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Default Re: Mueller Multi-Shot 2-7x32mm Review

Wow good review!!Since the 2-7 scope is what I use and like best,looks like I am going to have to try one of these out.Wondered about the circle,and how thick the crosshairs would be,but looking at your picture of the rock seems it would work great for varmits too!What is a good price on this scope?Thanks for sharing.

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Default Re: Mueller Multi-Shot 2-7x32mm Review

Great Review Doug, thanks!!

GBO sponsor SWFA is a Mueller dealer and has good prices on all of their optics.


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Default Re: Mueller Multi-Shot 2-7x32mm Review

I have 2 of the Mueller 2x7's, one on my Handi 45-70...........great scope!
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Default Re: Mueller Multi-Shot 2-7x32mm Review

I am pleased with mine. I would still like the option of buying one without the illuminate dot . Actually a rugged 3 power with the same reticule and a straight one inch tube past the turret would be a very usable scope for just about all my hunting plus it would be lighter by a bit but keep the overall length the same.

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Default Re: Mueller Multi-Shot 2-7x32mm Review

I have been looking at this scope four a long time and was wondering how it would fit on my Howa 1500 30-06. Would I need a new base or "Z" rings?
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Default Re: Mueller Multi-Shot 2-7x32mm Review

What scope and rings do you have on the Howa now. I used a Low profile Valmet 412 Scope Mount using 1 inch rings with out any issue.
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Default Re: Mueller Multi-Shot 2-7x32mm Review

Slicked my 358 BLR scoped with the multi X out the window of my truck and got on an alerted hog quick enough to nail him a couple weekends ago. The scope has endured 300 rounds of full power ammo out of this light carbine with no ill effects. Believe me the 1976 model BLR is a vigorous and quick bouncer, the scope bell hit my nose a bit on that shot but there was not time for proper rifle positioning.

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Default Re: Mueller Multi-Shot 2-7x32mm Review

This scope has everything I want except excess PARALLAX. The parallax on mine is MURDER, and I can't seem to adjust it out. On casual non-hurried shots this is NOT a problem. But if your're trying to nail a hog heading for cover a "snap-shot" is out-of-the-question.

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Default Re: Mueller Multi-Shot 2-7x32mm Review

If your having Paralex problems that you can't adjust out I'd send it back to get it replaced or fixed. My BLR is designed for iron sight use and I have no real problems geting lined up fast.

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