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Default Re: Never just assume you know.

Well, this story made me chuckle a little as a farmer friend of mine did something similar - his wife told on him and he'll never live it down. This ole time farm boy and his wife were enroute to town when he gets this sudden #2 urge, stops the vehicle and walks a ways into this fully mature (waiting for harvest) corn field. Probably didn't go far, but he's about 5'8" tall.

Well, about 20 minutes later his wife starts to worry, as he's not back yet. On his way back to his vehicle he gets lost but like any man's man he's gonna keep walking until he hits the road. Well, he can't find a road. 30 minutes pass and the wife thinks something happened to her man and she is yelling his name at the edge of the corn field. Well, about 5 minutes later her cell phone rings and he requests her to honk the horn a couple times. She did and a couple minutes later he calls her again and requests she honk the horn again but for about 30 seconds. He emerged from the corn field 10/15 minutes later.

He's lived in that area for 40 years or so and knows his directions and is one smart cookie in about every way - that day no one else was driving down that road and how he got confused, I'll never know and he doesn't really appreciate it when I talk about it but when his wife was telling the story (same day as it happened) the wife and I about split a gut and he just tried to smile and said he was just checking the condition of the neighbor's corn.

You would have thought he would have just picked a corn row and walked it out being a farmer who has planted corn - why he didn't - he won't tell me. but that day's events will stay with him to his last day, as his friends will take full responsibility that it does. I think whoever outlives him will tell the story at his memorial service.

Things that have happened to people in hunting & fishing camps, on the job and everyday life - one could write a book and I think it could be a best seller.

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I read recently that the Annapolis Naval Academy is teaching celestial navigation again, just in case something happens to the GPS signals and the crews need to know where they are in the middle of the ocean...

Telling on myself, I was in a patch of black spruce up off the Richardson Highway outside Fairbanks (Alaska) and couldn't find my way back to the survey crew. The trees blocked the sun and I totally was lost. I waited until I heard a car on the highway, then I knew which way to go and got out okay. Didn't have to embarrass myself by calling for help. That was many years ago, and I have carried a compass ever since.


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This cat had to be high, stupid, or drunk. 100 yards 300 feet a desert.................come on, and why did he go that far. maybe in deep woods but the desert?

or else...................

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I used to hunt on a pine plantation down in Shelby County TX. We had to honk more than one person out of those woods after dark. You walk off into a stand of eight year old pines. They all look the same. I knew better then to go walking off into them but some guys had to learn the hard way.

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I dunno where he was, but I'd guess I would just turn around, look at my car, and walk directly back to it.

how hard is it to see a car 100 yds way in a desert? They are pretty flat, right?

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Oh Boy ! Only a hundred yards, how dumb can anyone be? Remember...conditions..conditions.. I don't wonder but what on level ground a man could get lost in thick sagebrush within a hundred yards.. Why he had to go a hundred yards is in question..
I suppose that in the southwestern desert there are certain plant stands which are so similar to one another that one could become confused. If local residents carry water and a compass, it would only make sense tha anyone else would do at least that much.
Yes, that farmer should have followed a corn row.

That being said, wherever I have lived I have always tried to hunt as close to home as game and conditions would allow. One home where I lived, I always just walked across the road to hunt. Over there was a mixed deciduous and piney woods forest. One day while hunting, I got well into those piney woods, which in November are a thick growth in a level, marshy gave me a problem for an hour or two, at least to the extent where I started carrying a cheap, small compass.
Remember, conditions..conditions... I have been in blizzards where one could not see more than 8 to 10 feet!

Have we forgotten the story about the fellow who once asked Daniel Boon if he had ever been lost ?
Boone replied (paraphrased); "I can't say as I have ever been lost, but I have been mighty confused for a few weeks at a time" !

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One of my scouts is now a major in the Marine Corps. He had a leg up on the others because I taught him how to use a compass and map. One of the reasons that the Argentines lost the Falklands campaign, despite superior numbers and short supply line was that the officer corps did not trust its soldiers with maps. Even a toy compass beats getting lost.
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