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1851 Navy,Best ball, best cap,Best powder,How many grains??

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Remington Kid:
My next revolver will most likely be the 1851 Navy .36. If anyone has this gun could you tell me what you found works best for you as far as Ball, Cap, Powder type and make, how many grains, wad or no wad and any tuning tricks to keep it running smooth? Thanks for any info you may have or want to share, Mike

Remington Kid:
Trying to get people to respond to a thread or question on this site and have some informative fun doing it is like trying to pull the fangs from a 6' live rattler with your fingers. Oh well. Thats the way it goes.

I generally give the rest of the participants a chance to chime in before I add a reply, cause there's a lot if experience and knowledge out there.

The 51 or 61 Navy are happy with 20 gr of 3fg powder under a Wonder Wad.   I prefer 380 diameter balls, as the 375 diameter can sometimes feel loose, particularly the Hornady brand.  I bought the 380 diameter  sprueless balls from (?).

Best to replace the nipples before you even start, with Treso nipples.  See Thunder Ridge.  Those nipples should be a good fit with the Remington #10 cap, which seems these days to be better than the CCI.

I smooth up the internal parts a bit, but on the cap & ball, don't lighten the mainspring or you will get misfires.  I replace the mainspring with a Wolff or similar only if I convert the gun with a Kirst or R&D cylinder.

When the hand spring breaks (not if) I generally drill an appropriate hole in the back of the frame and install a Ruger coil and plunger.  Look at a disassembled Ruger to spot the location.  Hole diameter should be .113 inch.

I found the Uberti revolvers to be a better fit and finish than the Pietta, and more authentic in grip shape, etc.  Pietta's Remingtons are much better quality than they used to be, however, but I haven't inspected their newer production Colt types.

Remington Kid:
Thanks for the reply Flint. I have been shooting C&B for years and my two favorites are my .44 Remingtons . They needed alott of tender care but they run smooth as a babys butt now,Lol. Took alott of stoning and a few other little tricks but it was worth the effort. Got the hammer spring down to about 1.5 lbs. and the trigger is light and smooth. Never had to replace it yet on either one of them.
Thanks agin for the info on the Navy, now I can order a few things ahead of time and be ready for Santa  :grin:

Be sure and use a wad or grease. Both cross-fires I've had in my life came from the 51's without a wad or grease. First time was back in the 70's...swore it would never happen again.  :-)  About 10yrs. rolled by and ran out of wads shooting one day...loaded her up dry...done it again.  :-)  Hasn't happened since.


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