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Thicker sprue plates for Lyman moulds
« on: February 28, 2003, 12:05:02 PM »
I just posted the following on the BPCR reloading forum and thought I'd post it here also.
Having several Lyman moulds I had always planned to replace the 1/8” sprue plates with thicker ones from one of the specialty casting product companies.  GMW products ( is a supplier of ¼” thick replacements plates at $15 each including shipping.  I understand these are excellent and in addition provide a longer plate handle for more leverage.  But for those of you who are economy-minded Lyman has recently introduced 3/16” plates for their moulds.  For those of you who subscribe to THE SINGLE SHOT EXCHANGE, the very well known BPCR author Paul A. Matthews mentioned these in the recent edition in an article on new Lyman moulds, which Paul had a part in the design.  But note these are still not quite as thick as the ¼” plates from GMW.

Besides coming as standard on all moulds being shipped from Lyman, the new sprue plates are also available separately and can be ordered directly from Lyman by calling 1-800-225-9626.  In case you are interested the new plates can be ordered two different ways.  They are available separately, as are the longer screws, or as a part of Lyman’s Mould Rebuild Kits.  What I found interesting is the rebuild kits are cheaper than ordering the plates and screws separately.  Here the details:

Single-cavity plates ($6.50): #2990205
Double-cavity plates ($6.50): #2998291
Longer screws ($1.00): #2998289

But, for a slight savings, the thicker plates and longer screws also are available in the Mould Rebuild Kits, which also comes with a washer and all screws for block and handle.  But the catch is you have to request the thicker sprue plates and longer screws because Lyman has many kits in stock with the older thinner plates and shorter screws.  Unless the customer service person specifically states the thicker plate and longer screw on the order you will likely get the older kits as Lyman will automatically ship these until current stock is depleted.  By the way, thicker plates may be available for 3-cavity moulds but I did not ask.

Single-cavity Mould Rebuild Kits ($6.75): #2680100
Double-cavity Mould Rebuild Kits ($6.75): #2680102

For peace of mind it may be advisable to order the plates and screws separately.  Then you can be assured you will receive the thicker plates and longer screws.  With my luck the person filling the order for the kits will automatically overlook the special requirement.

Oh, and I ordered one of the new Lyman BPCR moulds Paul Matthews is "high on". Got one in 45 caliber and may order one later in 40 caliber if it works out. Reminds me of that country and western song about you can't have too much money or a girl can't be too pretty....... You just can't have too many moulds. :mrgreen:

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Thicker sprue plates for Lyman moulds
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2003, 12:27:49 PM »
Good info, Texas Mac!

My machinist friend made up some sprue plates in aircraft-quality aluminum alloy.

They are 60% lighter than steel, lead won't stick to them, and casting fatique is greatly reduced!
John Traveler