Author Topic: old and new issues with wine  (Read 390 times)

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old and new issues with wine
« on: April 05, 2011, 10:55:38 PM »
 I have been building wines with kits for about 3 years now-  awesome results------ suddenly i have been having issues with prolonged yeasting working- or never seeing a bubble in the air lock.  Advice was to start using a hydrometer.   Here is my question-   How do you regulate dry-sweet-floral-tannin ------ maybe even "taste" with a meter?    I know what I want and when I started they were dry but lately they are really getting sweet-  Thanks for your ideas 

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Re: old and new issues with wine
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2011, 12:01:57 AM »
You should be using a good yeast, I always went with a champaign yeast, Some try to get away with a bread yeast, it will work but it will also die off when the alchol content reaches around 11 t0 12% and that leaves alot of unfermented sugar behind, If your not sure if your yeast is still alive you can test some in a seperate container with your mix, if it starts working just dump it in along with the rest thats needed, keep it in a cool place as thats another thing that will cause premature yeast die off. When I first started I was using one gallon jugs, and a recipe a friend gave me using frozen Grape juice, it took about a month to finish and be drinkable, then I started using five gallon carboys, after adjusting the mix, and it took around three to four months to be drinkable. Wines that are started with less sugar planning on a drier wine will take longer to finish than wine that is started out sweeter planning on a dessert wine, or fortifing after it is finished trying for a Port type of a wine, Keep notes on EVERYTHING that you do and on every wine, it's worth the trouble not to repeat a mistake, ask me why, LOL, good luck in your endeavors..........................................steg