Author Topic: Follow up on SPP 210 Powder  (Read 2636 times)

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Follow up on SPP 210 Powder
« on: March 29, 2011, 07:13:45 PM »
Not long back I was asking a question about the Swiss Precision Powder 210.   No one knew anything about it, only it's like IMR 4198.   I have a 32" BC 45-70 and I use H4198 and IMR4198.   As most know by now, powder; primers bullets  etc will be going up soon.   I talked to Chris Lee at Widener's.   He stated it was very consistant and extremely accurate in .223; 5.56 and 30BR. I have a 30BR and I only use H4198.  He was not sure about the 45-70, only try it.  And at less than $15.00 lb ($119.00 for 8lb, I got it)   Will I did try it in my BC and it has the same fps as H4198 in the 45-70.   I shoot silhouette and try to keep it down to 1250 to 1300fps. (This is with a 465 bullet.)   Now I do not know about the .223 etc but I will try it also in my 30BR.     All I can say is, with me, (45-70) it is a very good powder and very accurate.  (This was with a light load to keep it at 1300fps  I have not tryed yet for a hutting load)  Give Widener's a call.    Thanks    beng