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Cap-Chur Powder Projector "Rifle/Gun"
« on: April 04, 2012, 12:07:03 PM »
I was browsing on the net, and came across this gun manufactured by H&R named the:  "Cap-Chur Powder Projector" it came in 32 Gauge Special.  Never heard of it before, seems like it's a specialty gun used to tranquilize animals.  This is most of the sales pitch which describes the gun: "Cap-Chur Extra Long Range Powder Projector made by Harrington & Richardson in 1981 (I think, AL serial number prefix). This "32 GAUGE SPECIAL" marked piece is a launcher for tranquilizer darts intended for capturing large animals such as cattle and deer. The "powder projector" part of it's name refers to the charge used to propel the dart: Ram Shot loads (Ram Shot is a trade name, all others are known as "powder actuated fastening systems", hence "powder projector"). The load placed in a chamber adapter (not included) is based on the distance needed or the weight of the animal (or I guess, how nasty the animal is and how close you want to get:)) all of the different Ram Shot load power levels can be used. The unit is in very good shape, the rifled bore mics at .50 cal and is not pitted or rusty, the stocks have a few dings but are overall nice, adjustable rear sight with a bead front sight."  Disclaimer, not affiliated with seller in any way.  Just posted because it was a curio.


1:H&R Cap-Chur Powder Projector Handi Rifle

Anyone ever see anything like this before?
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