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I have had my TK2000 for three years now, and I use it for turkey, crows, doves and rabbits. You can get improved and modified choke tubes and they make it a much more versatile gun. I also use the BPI wads in 2 3/4", 3" and 3 1/2" with shot sizes and powder charges appropriate for the game I'm after. Have even shot a few rounds of trap with it, with a lot of understanding from the other shooters. Cabelas makes a three section plastic loader that will hold shot, powder, a wad, overshot wad, cleaning patch and a primer all in an easy to use and carry package. I can load on the go with no problems. I also use an old choke tube to punch overshot wads out of styrofoam meat trays. Works like a charm. I have not found any commercial wads that work as well. I have even starting using copper plated shot and plastic buffer for my black powder turkey loads. Nice tight patterns to about 40 yards. Recoil with heavy loads is severe though, and as everyone has already mentioned, keep your fingers away from that safety lever. It'll take a chunk out of your knuckle. I probably have had more fun with it than any other long gun in the safe. Love the smell of black powder, and it covers up your misses for a few seconds. ;D

You guys are awesome!!!! I sure appreciate all the information. This is my first muzzle loading shotgun and I can use all the help I can get. 

I keep a little bottle of alcohol in my pocket and use it on the cleaning patches. It works great as a cleaner and it will dry by itself, no need for a second patch. With the TK2000, usually just one alcohol patch will do and you're ready to reload. The only time I've hurt my knuckle on the safety lever is with the turkey loads. They will thump you, but are extremely effective. With the copper plated shot and buffer, my TK2000 patterned better than my buddies new Remington 11/87 Sportsman. He wasn't happy. MTM makes a dipper to measure shot, but I have always used an empty wad. Use some scotch tape to seal the slits in whatever size BPI wad you're using, then use the wad to measure shot and pour into the barrel, or one of those awesome Cabelas loaders. Just fill even with the top of the wad. I bought about 20 of the Cabelas loaders and used it on a dove hunt at a public field this year. It got a lot of attention. Preload the red plastic jackets with the primers, and keep one in each loader. I have walked thru the turkey woods with mine loaded all day in the rain and not had any ignition problems to date. It always goes bang. Knight says the plastic jackets are re-useable, but I use a new one each time. They get burned a bit, and they are cheap. Why take a chance? The overshot wads that come packaged with the 3 1/2" wads from Knight are made out of thick foam, almost as good as the ones I cut from the meat trays. I contacted Knight to try to buy some of the wads by themselves, but did not get anywhere. I never did find the source for them. Don't even bother with the little white cardboard overshot wads. They are too lightweight. It really sucks to be walking in the woods, and hear all the shot run out of the barrel. Let us know if you have any questions. Are you familiar with the loading process? Get out there and shoot!

By the way, I haven't had any problem with the Realtree finish coming off on my gun. I use dishsoap and water to clean.

My TK2000 is one of the first ones made, the camo finish is not that bad. One thing to remember with Camo dipped guns, mosquito repellant on your gloves will eat the finish off, and mine has some wear in the wrist of the stock and forend.

I also use an unslit wad for measuring shot, perfect measure everytime. Also, for some reason #5 shot has given me the best overall patterns in my muzzleloading shotguns. Better than #6's and #4's. If you used unplated shot, get Magmum Shot, it is hardened. The copper plated, nickel plated, are both good choices as well.

Before using Hevi-Shot, you would want to contact Knight. I personally would never shoot Hevi-Shot or steel shot through a back-bored, jug-choked shotgun. Contact Knight for guidance first.

As daddywpb pointed out, the styrofoam meat trays are an excellent source for the styrofoam over-shot wads, if available. If you can't find those, the Duro-Vent (styrofoam rafter vents) also work well.

You will need to spend some serious time to find the load your gun likes best. I have at least a half -dozen shotcups, half-dozen powders (not to mention the different size charges), three shot types in three sizes each, three different over-shot wads. Almost forgot, cutting different length and number of slits in unslit shot cups to tailor your load even further. Now just think of all the possible combinations you can come up with. ::) ;D :-\ Or, you could just buy the pre-slit Multi-Metal shot cups for the 3-1/2", Magmun #5 lead shot, punch out styrofoam overshot wads, select a powder and find out the best charge for your selected combination. ;D

Busta is absolutly right about the mosquito repellant. If you're going to use it, use gloves after you put it on. Using a ML shotgun is like reloading your own shells, just one at a time, and you can change things as you go for better results.

A short story - I was shooting a round of trap with the TK using number 9 shot and some WWAA shotcups over about 80 grains of Pyrodex. My gun patterns fine with this load, but I was having an off day and wasn't hitting much. I told the guy next to me that I could fix that, and loaded a 3 1/2" BPI wad full of number 9 shot and 110 grains of powder. 2 1/2 ounces of no. 9 is a LOT of pellets, and my next shot got everyones attention. Plenty of smoke and, yes, I hit the target - solidly to say the least. Like I said, it's a good bunch of guys I was shooting with and everyone ended up shooting the TK at least once that day.

I also took it to a Hunter Ed program I was assisting with, and we let all of the kids (and adults) load and shoot the TK at turkey targets during the ML trainiing. Everyone had fun.

All this ML shotgun talk has made me want to get out with my TK. Maybe some rabbit/crow hunting late this afternoon before getting back to work tomarrow. Yep, sounds good.


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