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6.5 BRM??

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Graybeard wrote: "The 7-30 Waters has basically the same case capacity and a larger bore and you can't get that even from a rifle at acceptable safe sane or SAAMI load pressures. I'd hazard a guess you're running at least 65,000 to get that velocity."


Graybeard-The 7-30 Waters has less capacity than the 6.5x30-30 IMP.

And by the way, Hornady shows a 139 grainer in a 24" 7-30 at 2600 fps with 4 different powders.

Speer shows the 145 grainer at 2480.

Hodgdon's shows a 120 grainer at better than 2700 fps (4 loads) in a 24" barrel (actually up to 2757 fps).

Nosler shows a 120 grainer at 2700 fps.

Even the 120 grain factory load is right at the advertised figure of 2700 fps given a closed breech and at least 22" of barrel length.

And all of this is at "safe sane and SAAMI pressures."

So a 6.5mmx30-30 Imp with more capacity and a longer barrel can drive a 140 grainer at 2500 fps -- SAFELY -- in a Contender.

I know that EABCO sells the brass but do you know what the parent brass is for the 6.5 BRM. I did not know that the 6.5 BRM was suitable for a Contender but sounds like a great project. Can anyone else cut a chamber besides EABCO ? What about loading data and dies ? Sounds like I might as well fill that gap between my 6mm30-30 Imp. and my 7-30 Waters.

shw - which would you do.....6.5/30-30 Imp or the 6.5 BRM ?

The parent case is a 30-30.

Forgot to add:
                     Not a 308win cut down like the "BR"[22, 6mm, 7mm, etc..}  whole different class all together.

The 6.5 BRM was originally going to be a Contender feature from Brown, but when his deal with VVCG dissolved and Brown was left without a barrel maker, he was forced to only offer it in the Encore. He has tried to get the TC Custom Shop to tool up for it and chamber barrels for him, but that has not materialized.

OTT can cut a chamber for the BRM for you. I wanted to go with MGM, and they did not have the proper reamer or combinations thereof that could be made to work, so that's why I elected to go with the 6.5 Bullberry Imp (aka 6.5x30-30 IMP). Mine was chambered with the long 140 grain A-Max in mind.

Swampthing is right: 30-30 is the parent case, but you could also use .375 Win if you happened to have some on hand.

As to dies, for the BRM, it's pretty much eabco. What you get is a split set: Hornady seater and Lee sizer stuffed in a plastic box that's about two sizes too small.

The Bullberry dies, made by Redding, are much higher quality. Yes, I like Lee dies and have a number of them, but for the $50 plus shipping that eabco charges, I paid too much.

As they say, though, hindsight is 20-20.


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