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I think their junkers, & I love them. 17 inch 357 max tamer stock 1X4 leupold, is the absolute ultimate treestand rifle. Muzzleloader season you say . Slufoot 45-70 conversion got it covered. possum in the chicken coop. shorty 17 hmr got it. I have more pricey guns, but it seems the handis always gets the nod for hunting.
Now I admit Im in a bit of a lever gun craving lately. But the handis wont be left behind

I dont care what gun Im using as long as Im hunting
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I wandered in here close to nine years ago with my first Handi, a standard 22 inch .45-70. I knew nothing about them. I banged a nice buck with it that Fall. I was seduced by Tim and a bunch of other enablers and here I am.

I have/have had some 25 or so Handis. I really don't know what the actual count is now. I can't honestly tell you which is the favorite. I suppose that depends on what I'm doing at the moment. Just now, we're on a wolf lookout. We've got at least one poking around. The Handis in .22-250, .243, and 7mm-08 are today's favorites being very close at hand. Our Maxis and .32-20 are always a favorite as are the .45-70s (now two), the .445, .356/.358, .30-40, etc. I suppose they're all favorites or they'd be gone.


Keep both eyes open and make the first shot good.
The growing Handi/Sportster/Pardner/Topper Family: .22 WMR, .22-250. 223, Two Superlight 7mm-08s and one Superlight .243, standard .243, .30-30, 16.5 inch .30-40, .308, 32-20, 18 inch .356/.358 Win., Two 16.5 inch .357 Max., 18 inch 38-55. 16.5 inch .445 Super Mag., .45LC, 16.5 and 22 inch .45-70s, .50 Huntsman SS, .410, 20 ga., 12 ga., 20 ga. Pardner Pump, Versa-Pack .410 - .22
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I have had probably 40 Handi's over time. I am down to a half dozen now. Some shot great, some just shot, and a few shot intermittently. There are work arounds and fixes for the problems, but I am just getting tired of fussing with a rifle to make it shoot and eject like it should. I can get a Mossberg Patriot in any caliber for under $300 out the door. Cheap, accurate and fuss free. Single shot doesn't bother me, I have on 3 different occasions killed 2 deer out of a group with a single shot. I just don't like to worry if a rifle is going to work like it should when a big buck decides to show up.
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Originally Posted by geezer56 View Post
I just don't like to worry if a rifle is going to work like it should when a big buck decides to show up.
My thought exactly
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I started 3 plus years ago with a single .223 ultra.

Recently while going through the list of all guns with my wife I realized that I put the handi's in a class by themselves.
I mean you have the shotguns, Rem 870 pumps and singles, you have milsurps, pair of Mosin's and a Yugo SKS.

A pair of beater Hipoint Carbines that are the ugliest guns but are so rugged and dependable that they aquire an auro uniquely theirs.

Then the Handi's from a 9mm stubb job through the .223, .300BO, 7.62x39 they are good solid performers.

Then the star's come out to play. .357 mag in .360DW brass with a 4x12 scope, if I do my part this rock star will stack the bullets in a single hole.

And the .444 Marlin in a camo composite stock. This big boy looks tough but he likes to shoot cloverleaf's. The first 9 shots I fired while getting the scope zeroed. 3 in a tight cloverleaf at 25 yards, 3 more at 50 yards. 2 in the start of a perfect cloverleaf at 100 yards but the shooter flinched with shot #9 and pulled it an inch high and left.

Of those 9 shots not one except the last was more than one quarter of an inch from where it should be.
And that was shooting a 310 grain gas checked large meplat round nose home cast boolit.

Yeah, that's the thunder, .357 is the lighting.

If I have a bad boy it is the 7.62x39 that won't quite do 1 MOA "Yet", but who knows, perhaps tommorow I find what it needs, right boolit, right powder, right OAL to make it shine. But that is MY job. So I can set the pace, its not on the clock. If nothing else I have somewhere around 2,000 rounds of factory loads that it can shoot, plus 4-500 of my home loaded stuff. So even if it never is a true MOA shooter it still has big value to me.

Interests wide and widely varying.
Happily married 18 years. Retired on SS with lots of time to spend.
Started with .223 Ultra Bull barrel. Added .357 Talo barrel. Added an action and stock set bought here, 7.62x39 barrel. Then bought complete guns .444 Marlin and .300 Blackout. Leaving me at 4 complete rifles plus a barrel. Plus a 9mm stub job bought here, and I have been finding and buying H&R shotguns at our local pawn shop where they seem to go cheap.
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I discovered this site in 2015 while searching for info to lighten the trigger on my H&R 45-70 Slufoot converted smokeless muzzleloader. The wealth of information and the helpfulness and enthusiasm of everyone here got me hooked on the Handi rifles almost immediately. I have had more fun tinkering with and shooting these guns than any guns I have ever owned. I've probably owned 20+ Handi's over the last couple years and all the ones I have shot, shot extremely well at 100yds with factory ammo. I am now getting into reloading to feed my Maxi's. I agree the Handi's are not for everyone, but they sure have been a lot of fun for me. Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by quickdtoo View Post
Maybe some of you naysayers need to take a little advice from a knowledgeable and experience gunsmith and shooter, a quote from the Handi-Rifle section of ML McPherson's book, "Accurizing the Factory Rifle", his title of the section is The (Lack of!) Trouble with The New England Firearms Handi-Rifle(H&R Ultra).



That is like putting a lift kit and mudders on a Prius, will draw some attention as intended but functionally not logical...


"I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me and my friends respect me. The others can do whatever the h-ell they please. --John Wayne
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I have never ever had a Handi-Rifle fail to function that was a fault of the gun. I had a cartridge get stuck halfway into the chamber due to something being between the side of the chamber and the side of the cartridge. Possibly some grit, no fault of the firearm. I once got a chamber adapter to shoot 7.62x39 from my 30-06. It sometimes didn't eject properly and headspace was marginal. That is not the fault of the rifle, it was designed for 30-06!

For those of you who have had trouble with Handi-rifles I am sorry you got a bad example of a new rifle or an abused used rifle. I recently purchased a brand new Ruger Redhawk 44 magnum that I had to return because the timing was off, verified by a gunsmith. I also bought a new Ruger MK III that would not return to battery without hitting the back of the bolt with the heel of your hand, that now functions flawlessly. Comparatively speaking, I have 100% positive experience with Handi-rifles (20+ of 20) and 100% negative experience with Ruger! (2- of 2) So don't tell me problems don't happen with other companies. Likewise I won't tell anyone that Ruger firearms are junk based on the only two I have owned.

I believe that, unless you have a gun with significant flaws, any significant miss is due to the shooter. The shooters lack of skill, lack of knowledge about the rifle, lack of practice, lack of knowledge/skill of handloading, lack of reloading equipment or components can all have a significant effect on the accuracy of a rifle. You would not expect the best accuracy with a .490 round ball with a .010 patch from a rifle barrel that slugged .510 between the lands. You might enjoy better accuracy from a different combination that fit better. But if you didn't know, you would sling lead and swear there is something wrong with the rifle.

Many people say, "I don't want to have to tinker." I think some of those folks just want to be able to buy any box of ammo and go shoot one round, once a year and hit the bull's eye. They want a gun that is dependable; like the remote control on their TV.

Good shooting takes a little work sometimes. Get to know your firearm. Practice your skills.


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I love tinkering, but there is an old saying that stands the test of time, "you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear".


"I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me and my friends respect me. The others can do whatever the h-ell they please. --John Wayne
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I have some older Handi Rifles that shoot very well. There was a time when I thought I would do all my hunting with Handi Rifles. This was in 2009. Through the barrel accessory program I ordered several additional barrels. I found these barrels to be terrible. They had faulty rifling, terrible crowns and would not shoot with hunting accuracy. All I wanted was hunting accuracy. 4 to 6 inch groups at 50 yards is not hunting accuracy in my book. I sent bad barrels back with explanations and got back equally bad barrels in return. Eventually, I gave up. I bought an Encore and went back to my bolt actions. Nothing wrong with the basic rifle. It just needed decent manufacturing and decent quality control and did not have it.
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