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SEK_22Hornet 06-17-2018 11:28 PM

Brass Trigger Guards
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Ok - just a quick update - I finally feel like these are coming along like they should - I have worked out most of the details to produce them as efficiently as I can. Ran 5 this afternoon. Finally have a pretty decent way to sand them. I guess I'm trying to say that if you want one, get in touch with me - I have sold several already - shipping a pair out tomorrow to a Graybeard member. Here are some pics of the set going out tomorrow and some in process.

garyvale 06-18-2018 12:48 AM

What's the best way to get in touch with you? I already have purchased a spacer from you.

SEK_22Hornet 06-18-2018 07:16 AM

I'll send you a PM

cutshurt 06-27-2018 12:59 PM

can you PM me also please

olcop1 06-27-2018 04:53 PM

How about posting pics, prices and contact info on the open forum?

SEK_22Hornet 06-27-2018 07:58 PM

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Ok - pricing - the trigger guards are $75 each plus $7.50 per order Priority Mail postage. If you want a set - that is $100 plus $7.50 postage. I can get 3 or 4 sets into the small flat rate box. I hope to keep a few in process so I'll have some on hand. Here they are installed on my 45LC Carbine. You can contact me at dr dot cation at gmail dot com (replace the "dot" with . with no spaces). That is not my paypal email, by the way -

kc34 06-28-2018 01:37 PM

I think the brass looks very good matched with the case color receiver!

Nice work sir.

nhecht25 06-29-2018 09:35 AM

PM inbound

nanuk-o-dah-nort 07-02-2018 12:32 PM

I would like one polished now and one at a later date. Can you quite me a total price to Saskatchewan S6V5R2? Thanks

Greebe 07-04-2018 03:37 PM

I would like a set. I sent a PM. Thanks!

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