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One of the major factors that differentiates human beings from animals is the use of language.

It is interesting that the generation most addicted to instant communication and perpetually tied to their phones is the generation showing the most disregard for knowledge of, and use of, proper language as per the proliferation of fabricated words, re-defined words, and endless acronyms. Their lack of ability cannot be justified, here, in some kind of excuse of having to work because I regularly hear employers in a wide array of occupations complain about worthless employees who spend all their "working" hours on their phones rather than working.

"I am the master of my fate.
I am the captain of my soul."
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Man eats what the animals eat. Sometimes Man dies. The Survivors observe what killed Man and then do not eat of it further.

Language is like that. "Stop", "Hot", and "No" are engraved in our psyche from infancy - probably in every language. Why are these words not "Go", "Cold", or "Yes"? Why is "Yellow" not "Blue"?

Because WE decide the common use of words and their associated meaning. Then, who are "WE"? There you have me.

"We" changes over time. "We" is fleeting, today's news, flavor of the week, a gradual change, a dramatic change, all based in public acceptance - propaganda (if you will). Say it, use it, mean it enough, it becomes "mainstream". Drive the narrative.

At first, I was mixed up in "Bad" as the new "Good". Your ride is so "bad". That means good. Also the words I chose are encouraged from common usage - the common denominator.

Look for the "Who", as in Who is driving the narrative? It is still "proper" to use grammar, spelling, structure, and punctuation in the ways taught in 8th grade. The trouble is, so many did not reach or pay attention to learn anything in the 8th grade. They seem to be the ones - over time - who are driving the narrative.

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It wasn't really meant at first for Tn. I know hes probably a decent guy that doesn't think hes better then anyone else. What it was aimed at more then anything is posts like this. We get them about every 6 months. Someone posting that people should use better language skills or even a personal attack on someones post that wasn't up to the attackers standards. It has no place here. This isn't a gathering of brilliant minds its a outdoors fourm and if you don't like the way I or someone else expresses themselves then theres an ignore button that's much easier to use then typing a 3 minute response putting someone down. My learning disabled son who has problems using the English language properly is as good a man and more forgiving and Christian then many here. Ive seen people laugh at him and pick on him because of it. The last thing I should see or will put up with is someone here doing the same IN ANY WAY to someone just because of there level of education or mastery of our language. Nobody HAS to come here. Nobody here short of greybeard and the fourm owner has the right to tell someone how they should post or at what education level or at what level you've mastered the English language. TN if you took this as a personal attack I apologize.
Originally Posted by Darkgael View Post
Lloyd: You are passionate and that is a good quality, and admirable quality. I do not agree, however, that TN thinks that he is better or smarter than anyone else on this forum. I suppose that anyone of us could find and take offense pretty easily with much of what others write when the same statements made in a conversation over a cup of coffee would not raise a hair at all.
Perhaps I have missed it but I have not noticed anyone being put down because he or she misspelled a word (I just misspelled because three times).
"a hunting, fishing, and outdoors forum"......?? Yes, part of it is so. Much of GBO, despite its title, is not at all about those activities. This forum that you moderate is not. The entire "politics, religion, and the news" section is not. There are many members who rarely, if ever, post in the "outdoor activities/firearms" forums.

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Some comments were made about education, college etc. I'd like to share my thoughts just so everyone knows where I'm coming from.

I believe it has everything to do with the individual and very little to do with if that person finished school in the 8th grade or holds an advanced college degree. In fact (I'll share this here because nobody knows who I really am) I am wary of a person who has advanced formal education. Maybe that's being judgmental but I've known more than a few people over the years that, while highly educated, had zero reasoning skills, really defective logic, absolutely no problem solving abilities and were unable to observe things around them and process that information in any practical way.

It's as if they attained the degree as a crutch, to make up for something they lacked.

I've known people with PhDs who I would never let build me a house because I know it would fall down!

I think there's a danger in “education” in that students are taught a conclusion rather than a method of arriving at the conclusion based on facts, evidence and reasoning.

There are plenty of people who are simply not smart yet hold advanced degrees. A person with a weak mind can go through the system, internalize whatever the system tells them and come out the other end believing, and being told by the system, that they are now “educated.” On the other hand, a person with a strong mind, who is inquisitive, aware and can reason, needs little to nothing in the way of a programmed formalized “education” to be an effective individual.

A smart person uses education if it serves them in what they want to do in life...for example if you want to be a medical doctor, you pretty much have to have the degree. Or, a smart person who has chosen a different path can be a highly successful person with little or no education beyond just the basic 3 R's.

So to sum it up...everything to do with the person, nothing to do with how “educated” they are.
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One needs to be careful about pigeon-holing people and generalizing when talking about education. The word, "education," is another one of those words that has been re-defined. Most people today seem to believe that education means being made intelligent, that everybody has an innate right to "an education" (ie. college) and that they exit that process "educated" or intelligent. People vary in their level of intelligence and it is not a function of whether or not they attended college. There are thousands of athletes that were given scholarships to attend college and ended up with degrees. They were dumb as bricks when they attended college and still are dumb as bricks with degrees. Attending college does not make one intelligent nor does not attending college make one not intelligent. People have varying abilities to learn and that cannot be changed. The important thing is what you do with the abilities you inherited whether or not you attended college. There was a time when colleges admitted only those students most capable of higher learning. They were titled, "college material," and getting into college was highly competitive. Today, higher "education" is a business and most colleges seem willing to admit almost anybody who has the money to pay tuition. That process has tarnished and denigrated the whole concept of "education" and removed it from that of intelligence.

"I am the master of my fate.
I am the captain of my soul."
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Originally Posted by Stillkickin View Post
One needs to be careful about pigeon-holing people and generalizing when talking about education.
Yes. So as not to give the wrong impression...three of my friends are PhDs. They are among my closest friends because of who they are as individuals, not anything else.
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PhD = Piled Higher & Deeper!

n' dats da troof!!!!

"The liar who charms and disarms and wreaths himself in artifice is too agreeable to be called a demon. So we adopt the word "candidate"." Brooke McEldowney

"When a dog has bitten ten kids I have trouble believing he would make a good childs companion just because he now claims he is a good dog and doesn't bite. How's that for a "parable"?"....ME
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Originally Posted by ironglow View Post
Another mistake made by some; is that only formal education counts.
My own opinion. I have long thought that it is better to be well-read than well-educated.
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As I said in an earlier reply, my younger brother has enough letters behind his name to make an alphabet. His education is as an educator. When it comes to any question concerning educational institutions or phys ed /health studies..(his specialty)..I defer to him every time.
However, I won't defer when for instance, it comes to mechanics, construction, philosophy or politics. Why should I ? I am a well read person and have experience in those fields?
Too many seem to think that for instance, their degree in accounting, optometry social work or nutrition, gives them more credence than a non-degreed person, when discussing the political situation today. How do they figure that? I rather doubt that someone with a degree in political science is truly more qualified, considering the evident bias in today's instructors. How many conservatives are teaching poly-sci classes today?
This arrogance is reflected even in polls as they are reported. The pollsters separate "college-educated from "non-college educated" what difference should it make if somebody has a degree in hotel management or not !
Observing the fruits today, sometimes wonder if the pollsters have the phrase correct, perhaps they should be saying " college indoctrinated", rather than college educated!

"Politically correct" language, is really Orwellian 'newspeak'. (Michael Cutler)
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Originally Posted by svensker View Post
My own opinion. I have long thought that it is better to be well-read than well-educated.
+1 on this.


Christian by choice, American by the grace of God.

NRA LIFE, Trump for 2020
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