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Default It Must Be Gremlins.

I need to write about this and get it out of my head, or off my chest as the case may be. Do you ever experience things disappearing? My latest “disappearing things” event goes like this, although this sort of thing has been happening for many years:

I am prepping for a match that is 4 weeks away. I will shoot my Remington 700, I hope. Last summer I had bought 200 new 223 Remington cases, and fired them all one time through my 700. I had then fully prepped the cases, put them in a big plastic jar and put them on the shelf. A month ago I went to get them and could not find them anywhere. I looked for them on two different days. No reason for them not to be on the shelf, but they are gone. Nowhere to be found. Today, I looked all over the place again just to be sure. Gone. Nowhere. Missing. Frustrating because I had neck-size-only'd them so they'd be custom fit fire-formed for the gun, because accuracy and all that.

So I thought well I'll just have to prep some brass I have that's been fired through AR15s. I go to get my dies and all of my 223 Remington dies are where they should be except for my full length sizing die. Now, there's no reason for that die to be anywhere but in the die box in the cabinet, in the press or possibly on the bench. It's in none of those places and I've spent an hour looking through the entire shop. It is just gone.

There's two things that seem to happen over and over again in my life; one is, when I put my mind to something I want to accomplish (like shoot this match and perform as well as I possibly can) I will run into stumbling block after stumbling block. A series of problems, each one seemingly a complication of the one before it. It will go on and on, two three, four layers until I'm frustrated and asking myself why I'm going through all this effort to accomplish so meaningless a task.

Okay that last paragraph is just me venting my frustration in the moment. No big deal, life is full of problems and these that I'm describing are minor. The “big” things in life always work out well for me.

But the other thing is maybe more of an concern.

This “disappearing things” issue. It happens to me, I won't say frequently but it does happen and has been happening for just about all of my adult life...a tool, a part, a time it was a box of 500 Sierra Match Kings...not limited to gun stuff either...will seemingly disappear from the face of the earth and no amount of determination and effort will find it. Now, one could, I think, easily conclude from the circumstances that somebody else is messing with them. It would seem to be the only logical, reasonable conclusion. Since no one goes in my shop except myself and my wife, it is tempting to think my wife is taking my stuff. After all she does kind of resent my shooting hobby. Except I honestly believe she would not do that.

When I was a kid my Dad would have the same thing happen to him. He, however, would conclude that either I, my sister, my Mom, or “somebody” was indeed messing with him. He would become so angry and confrontational, thinking he could “out” the perpetrator through sheer force and intimidation. It was a real point of contention in our family when these things occurred. You're accused by someone who you love and respect of doing something so petty and sneaky, and to be on the receiving end of unrelenting rage and anger and demands to reveal what you did with the whatever. Which of course you had nothing to do with. I decided long ago I would not be that guy, that I would not do that to my family.

But then...gosh darn do these things disappear then? Gremlins?
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Your son is selling them for scrap????? just kidding, we have had two paring knives disappear at the same time recently. My wife or I can't imagine where they went. maybe the notorious sock thief is branching out.

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Well, at least I'm not alone.
I find that acquiring a replacement for the suddenly missing item will often reveal it, but not always.
I, too, seem to have block after block to almost everything I do, for quite some time. Almost every single thing I do requires a battle of epic proportions to get it done.
It gets so old.
For some time now, I've believed that my purpose in life is only to see how much suffering I can endure before I die.

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Ha ha yea...buying a replacement is almost a sure-fire way to make the item magically reappear. Then when you have two of them neither one will ever be lost, until you give one away. Then the one you kept...POOF! disappears.

Same thing if you keep something for years and years and never need it. You decide to sell it or give it away. Within a week's time, you'll need it.

I have read that hiding things is something passive-aggressive people do when they're upset with someone. My wife can be aggressive but I wouldn't call it passive!
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Originally Posted by Gunfixr View Post
Almost every single thing I do requires a battle of epic proportions to get it done.
It gets so old.

I've got a few sayings I'm known for.
"Everything is a big project."
"Nothing is easy."

and the one I'm most famous for:
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OK the answer is quite simple. Them dang space aliens are doing it just to mess with your head. They are sneaky like that.

On a more serious note yes it happens to a lot of us for sure. I am nearly infamous for putting stuff up for safe keeping and then can't find it no matter how hard I look for it. But I am an old fart so I have a lot of years of experience at this.

I have developed a sure fire way of finding those misplaced things. Just look for something else, you won't find that but might find what you really wanted to begin with. Hey that's how it works for me at least.

Just quite recently I was searching for something, don't even recall just now what it was. I looked in all the likely places and it just wasn't to be found. I did this looking on two days with no success. Then a day or so later it just magically appeared right where it was supposed to be and right out in the open. How the heck ya can totally fail to see something right out in the open like that on multiple days is a mystery for sure. Thus the space alien theory.

Dunno if it is a unique characteristic of we humans but I know very well how possible it is to look for something that is right in front of you and fail to see it as if it weren't there and later find it right where you expected to.

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That's why I have two sets of dies for the .43 Spanish (among others). But I know that if I sell one I won't be able to find the other when I want it.
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This must be a uniquely human characteristic and one that is contrived by a fruitful mind in cataloging many useful things. After a move, it takes many years for the dust to settle into the memory tracks of the mind. If you have not moved, and the shop is "the same as it ever was", then you must consider either Bill's a.) "right in front of your face", b.) space aliens, or c.) you have placed these things in that space, which we all have, where they will not be forgotten (put them someplace where I won't forget).

May I suggest that you allow your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to do this work for you. I already know you are consciously dissecting everything to find it discretely. Now that that efort has "failed" it is time to employ some of the darkest recesses of the human mind and "bring good things to light".

Think about the lost items right before going to bed. Then sleep on it. Forget the overt searching. Turn that portion of the brain off - for now. In a day or two, maybe more, the subconscious will dissect your movements and provide you with insight that you had "forgotten" to see consciously. Other places to look will converge in your brain. Something as large as a zip lock bag of 200 cases is fairly difficult to miss. It has moved, been pushed back, displaced, covered up, fallen to the floor, now rests in some darkened corner, maybe.

In your search you will find other "things" that you had forgotten too. Good luck.
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Hah. Welcome to the club. I'm a believer in gremlins or maybe because I have a few Irish ancestors, it's leprechuans. Whatever they are they are frustrating little b-------. My first attempt when they make off with something is to holler for my wife for help. Most of the time she'll find what I've spent hours to days searching for in about two minutes. When that solution fails I've found that buying a replacement almost always results in the missing item being returned and placed in plain sight.

My latest gremlin/leprechuan stolen item is a holster. I got it out and placed it where I could grab it a few days later. That day came----and I've spent two days searching for my holster and it's gone. Time to call in help.

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Graybeard, I identify with everything you are saying. I, too, will put something someplace “so I know where it is” and then forget where that place is. And yes I'll find the last thing I was looking for but couldn't find while looking for the thing I can't find now.

The one that really perplexes me though is how I can not see something that is sitting there in plain sight. I think that has to be some thing in the mind, I don't know what to call it. I sometimes think it's similar to another thing I do, which is transpose numbers or letters when writing. I'll make the mistake but when I proof read, I'll read right over the mistake and not see it. Or I will recognize a word is not spelled correctly but not be able to see what the error is. For example I might misspell the word “you” yuo and not spot the error. But if I walk away for 15 minutes and then proof read again I'll see it and think it's so obvious, how could I overlook it?

But back to the missing die. I have long ago adopted a policy of a place for everything and everything in it's place. This die should only be one of two or possibly three places but no...somehow the system has been subverted by some extra circumstance.

I can certainly accept that I possibly grabbed the jar of “special” brass, not realizing it was that which I had saved for a specific purpose, loaded it up and ran it through an AR15 at the monthly carbine shoot I attend and it got lost in the mix there (I believe I've written about that in the past here at GBO). I THINK I didn't do that because I labeled the jar but...the die though, that's the tough one to accept.

On a similar note...I think I spend on average an hour a day looking for my reading glasses!
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