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Previous report from the cops was that their team had made multiple drug buys from the place, maybe a little CYA in their part when they figured out they made a mistake.

"People in Arizona carry guns," said Detective David Ramer, a Chandler police spokesman. You better be careful about who you are picking on...
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It was reported by the national media as a drug raid where the "suspects" opened up on the cops when they made entry. I have seen no updates or corrections on the original story.

I think it's safe to say it's likely a case of the raid being done at the wrong address. Perfectly normal and understandable reaction of innocent persons if someone suddenly kicks in your front door to start shooting, whether they shot your dog or not. I'm sure the reason the people kept shooting was just a matter of self preservation. Again, a normal response if someone is shooting at you.

Hard to say if they ever realized the people breaking in were cops or not. Even if they were in uniform I doubt the people in the house ever realized they were cops. Besides that their only chance of survival would be to take out the cops before they were taken out themselves because the police would not stop shooting until the "suspects" were down.

Perhaps the police should do a little investigating before they start kicking in doors. Basic police work like verifying the information from the tipster and doing some background investigation on the persons living at the address would have went a long way towards preventing this. Had they done that it should have been apparent to someone that something didn't quite add up.
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Originally Posted by coyotejoe View Post
The PD says no officers had body cams operating, that seems a might suspicious, I should think a raid like that is exactly where body cams would be most useful.
Hmmm, a coverup maybe??

H*LL HAS OPEN BORDERS. taken from fox news


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they might have been ordered to shoot the cameras too?

Come quickly, Lord Jesus
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Originally Posted by goodshot View Post
It's a good thing brother, could you have been a statistic, perhaps had a throw away pressed into your hand and a pound of some kind of drop sprinkled on your room temp form for camouflage? lol!
The internet is a great way to inform the masses and we need to use it to replace the disinformation we get or don't get from the lame stream media.
best wishes
The Deputies all know us so does the NMSP, and RPD. They would have called us first, probably would come
in, have a talk and grab a cup of coffee. Houston is a huge confusing city it's not like local folks. When i called
the Sheriff dept and told them what was going on with that jerk, they only sent out a few Deputies and an ambulance. They didn't even care that the gun was still laying on the kitchen table, didn't even pick it up
and look at it.

One of them did say" Dave you need to go out and perfect your aim, you hit him in the dam leg" Lol.

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They might be saving the taxpayer money by suggesting
the firearm practice and making your local range fee deductible.
Next time they might be able send 2 deputies and a garbage truck.
Best wishes

Come quickly, Lord Jesus
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Originally Posted by coyotejoe View Post
Originally Posted by Dee View Post
While I'm not sayin the police didn't hit the wrong house, I am saying I'll wait on local news to see if this is true.
Jumpin the gun is never a good idea, and the fact remains that the couple shot at police, and hit 5. Self defense? Maybe. But maybe not. It's way early.
Well all points to a mistaken address. The 7815 Harding address is a very modest home with no security, an older model car in the driveway and a middle aged couple living like one might expect of a man on a VA disability pension.
no records of arrests and no complaints from neighbors. The 7815 Hardy address has all the indications of a drug dealer, with barred windows and night vision cameras. Officers admit firing the first shot to kill the couple's dog. That's no way to win hearts and minds.
Well the house you describe here pretty much fits most of the houses I ran search warrants on, and I've ran as many as 3 in one day. Dealers are fairly transient folks but, again I'm not gonna say they hit the wrong house based on one article. There's no doubt a big investigation goin on, and you can't cover up something with this much coverage. I'm gonna wait.

To The Politician: if your not right with God, your not right for this country.
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There is a case like this in VA. Police messed up and admit it. Problem is the man shot a police officer in plain clothes. In VA gets mandatory time.
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Happened in a town near me. All early reports claim the Police where at fault. After all the evidence came out, it was indeed someone who dealt drugs. Looked like a typical yuppie home. Need to wait for the full story.

I do have to say, if it they were going to no-knock warrant a home, you would think they would have staked it out earlier to verify the activity, not hit a house based on a simple neighbor tip. IF that is happening, laws need to change.


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You would think they would watch and wait for a deal going down

When I was in business an old friend called and told me one of my trucks was visiting a know drug house seems ersl times a week. So I go set a block away and watch . Sure enough my truck makes a visit. While watching two guys joging pass me .I also have several police friends. I ask one about what to do. He said he would check it out. He calls back and laughs , says so you were staking out the house . The jogers we're police. So I let the guy go for something else and the house got raided. It looked like a normal home . Ya never know
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