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Default How about that mid engine corvette?

They finally did it! After decades of people begging for a mid engine corvette, they finally are starting to build them. Quite a milestone in he corvette history. Nice looking too!
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Here it is
The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 made its debut to the world July 18, 2019. It's the first mid-engined Corvette in history, which means it's a big deal for a variety of reasons. We've spilled lots of ink about this new-generation Corvette, so check out our comprehensive coverage of this revolutionary new model.
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Well rather than being unique as all the past DOA rear engine Corvettes were this one just looks like another wannabe too similar in abstract design to those from Ferrari and Lamborghini.
Praise the Lord they stayed with the Chevy small block and did not put in the DOHC Caddy engine with hair dryers the rag writers thought they would.

GM is big enough they could have kept on with a front engine version along side this one; time will tell after the first year gotta have one by old dudes with money wears off.
Used car prices for any Vette from 1983 on have dropped hugely. My cousin bought a '93 and even though this dude is clueless when it come to cars of such ilk, he is now lucking if he gets one half of what he paid three years ago.
Corvettes of the last two styles can be bought used for less than half of what they cost new, especially the very high performance versions.
Chevy wanted to compete with the current Ford GT rear engine car and Ferrari at the same time. Ferrari still produces front engine versions also for a reason that went over GM's head while Ford is now trying to find a way to wedge a V-8 into their car that now has a six banger with hair dryers.
The reason it does not have an 8 now is due to cooling concerns.

Chevy engineers said the reason the new Corvette does not have manual transmission option is because it has a backbone chassis and then they would have had to cut a hole into the chassis which they are afraid would have made it too flexible and weak.
Time will tell how this goes; the so called C5 Vette, the only one ever with a trunk, was not well loved and its production run was cut short for that reason.

Today's car market is nuts for prices. Some 2 plus 2 Ferraris , think of a Ferrari the size function of a Camaro or Mustang, that twenty years ago could be bought used for half the price of a new Corvette, now are going for six figures.
Cars that forty years ago could be bought used for less than 15,000 dollars are now going for near a million dollars.
I remember well during the eighties when a recession hit and prices for some of the cars were then asininely high and people had to sell them for pennies on a dollar for what they paid; I HOPE that happens again.


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Default Repaired my ceiling fan this morning


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One of the defining characteristics of the Corvette was that it was front-engined. It seems to me that GM just threw away the entire history of the car. A car with no connection to the past, except for the occasional auto show concept cars that never went anywhere. Basically take the Corvette badge and stick it on something completely different. Maybe that is the point, the new GM just turned 10 years old, maybe they are looking to separate themselves from their legacy and forge, or at least 3-D print something new. Will it sell? Probably, at least for a year or two. It might be popular with the "I need a new mid-engined car and I only have $60k" b-list social media crowd. I know that if I wanted a mid-engined car, it wouldn't make my short list, a sports car that doesn't have a manual transmission available is a complete, utter and massive fail in my book.

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It's too bad they didn't do this when Zora Duntov still worked for GM...

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He and the other Chevy persons working with him tried and came very close forty years ago but the same federal reg. that screwed Detroit up pretty much killed that one .
It was much , much better looking that the current one.

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I think its bad ass. As to it being a cookie cutter copy of a FERRARI id say that's a real compliment because for 70k you can buy that vette and it will look as good and perform as good as a Ferrari that cost 200k. Then factor in the cost of maintaining the vet compared to the ferrrari and you routinely see vettes with a 100k and even 200k on them going down the road. How many Ferraris you ever here of that made 200k?? If they did the owner probably paid another 200k keeping them going. HANDS DOWN the best bang for the buck in a super car EVER. Theres only one thing that sucks about it and that's that I cant afford one. As to manuals being available. Try finding one in a Ferrari today or a Lamborghini or even a porche. there all auto because it shifts faster then you can. Like any new pickup or car that comes along you get all the ney sayers that say they suck. Most of them that don't like this vette have never owned a vette and never will or cant afford one. I find it comical that a American manufacture brings out a car that out does the previous one in every way and is a true game changer that competes with cares that cost 3 times as much and get bashed for doing it. All I can say is stick to your prius's and mini vans. I hope my health holds out till some get to be around 5 years old so I can afford a used one. I haven't had a vette in 5 years but this one is worth me coming back. This car is flat out a game changer and will send all the exotics back to the design board to find some way to justify there over priced unreliable junk (excluding porche because at least there reliable)


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I agree that car is way better looking than the one they're building now...

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To me the last Corvette was made in 1967. Cars from 68 till now are just using the Corvette name.
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