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Default Do you ever un-do the bad karma?

Thisis something I have wondered about.

In my teens, I was a gang member in Washington D.C. and did some pretty bad things. We lived in a bad part of town, and it was outright survival. By the time I was 14, I had used a knife on someone, and by 18 had shot someone in an alley. Keeping a roof over our heads and food in the kitchen meant we stole things to fence. My Uncle Sonny came up and bounced me off a few walls, and gave me four choices, army, navy, marines, or Air Force. I don't like hights and flying, I didn't want to be stuck on a boat out on the ocean and being first up a beach didn't seem cool to me. I chose army and figured I could learn something in the way of a trade in the engineers.

I found new mentors of the non criminal sort, and my life was saved by Sgt. First class Mouton. I'm not sure what he saw in me, but he too kicked men the rear end and told me to get my head out from where the sun don't shine. In spite of myself, he made me a soldier, and I got a soldier of the month award, and then soldier of the quarter. I never went back to the old neighborhood, and spent the next few decades making a new life for my self that didn't involve stealing and fighting.

I spent the rest of my life since trying to live up to what I thought set. Mouton would do, and he was the biggest example of what kind of person I wanted to be. I never knew my father, he was gone from the scene when I was a kid, and the guy Ray who ran the gang was the only adult male I had for any kind of guidance.

So, not being a real religious type, I'm not really sure how works out. I guess I was a real bastid as a teen, and had lottos bad karma built up. Ever since I left toehold neighborhood and went on the army, I never committed another crime, and got married, and three kids that went to college and are doing better than anyone I know. Grandkids are fine and one is going to be vet, the other is a whiz kid in cyber security and already has been recruited for a good paying job with a financial institution. I've never told them about my teenaged years, and I don't know how to tell them, so it may go unspoken of. All they know is I came from a rat hole neighborhood.

Soooo, living a good clean life for the past 50 years, do you ever live down the bad karma from the good?

Now as a white bearded senior citizen much closer the end than the beginning, I wonder.

Don't over do it, just enough will do.

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Take a look at your kids and grandkids and that should answer your question! Sounds like you did a heck of a job.

You can't change the past, but that's just what it is - the past. So here you are old and gray, and you've lived a good life by anyone's measure!
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You can find peace and forgiveness for all the sins through faith in Jesus Christ and then you will know all the past has been washed away by the blood Jesus shed on the cross for all who believe. You may want to check out a church or at least talk with a pastor.


Christian by choice, American by the grace of God.

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It depends on whether you mean karma in the sense of the several eastern religions that have karma as a part of their beliefs, or the more western secular concept of karma.

I'm assuming western secular because otherwise we'd be discussing things like reincarnation and achieving nirvana. There is, by the way, in some of the eastern religions the concept of deathbed charitable contributions that are like western religious indulgences that are intended to buy forgiveness by making a substantial donation.

Overall, and with western secular thinking in mind, just being a better person by being kinder, more charitable, and being repentant is the answer. It will give you greater peace with yourself when you make a sincere attempt to make up for past misdeeds. Start with a kind word to someone, and build from there.
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Being a Christian, I reject the idea of "karma", which is an estern religion concept..Hinduism, Buddhism etc. "Karma" only occurs when one has been reincarnated..another eastern concept.

Karma seems to have slipped into western verbage, only after some rock bands of the 70s..had a fling with Hinduism.

Pastorp gave you the straight dope, Jesus' blood has washed away those sins for you, if you only accept him and what he did.

You get saved and he will carry away all your sin and effectively "bury it"...and if he has buried it, don't you go back and dig it up !


"Politically correct" language, is really Orwellian 'newspeak'. (Michael Cutler)

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CB: Welcome to the club and bless you for your honesty.

I don't believe in Karma. I do believe in a Holy Loving Fatherly God. Nothing you can do to separate yourself from his love. He knew you were a sinner and forgave your sins before you were you. He let his own son Jesus become the sacrifice for you and all of us. All you need to do is accept this gift and believe Christ was raised from the dead and you will have forgiveness and eternal life with him in heaven.

Don't focus on your sin, focus on his holiness. Every day is a new day. Yesterday is gone but we have hope for tomorrow.

If you feel freed from this past then give honor to God and share your testimony with others including your family. You want them to be in heaven with you for eternity, don't you? This may be the best and most important work of your life.

All of my favorite creatures have white bottoms.
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I believe that you have already atoned for your actions so many decades ago. Take pride in what you have accomplished despite a tough start in life.
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You changed your ways and have lived a good life ever since. Don't worry about the past. Since you managed to get in the Military, I assume you managed to get through your change without a felony conviction, and that's a huge accomplishment. I don't subscribe to Christianity or any other desert religion, but I'm not trying to start a fight here, so it doesn't matter. For what it's worth, I think Christianity has a lot of good qualities, and one of my best friends is a Baptist preacher, but we obviously disagree on a few things. Anyway, you had a rough start, as many of us did, but you got your life straight and have done very well, based on how your kids and grandkids turned out. Don't beat yourself up in the least. You're a good man and I'd love to split a pot of coffee with you and just sit and swap stories.
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Spend a couple of hours watching the movie "Saving Private Ryan". It is "not exactly" the same as your situation, but the end of the movie is. The demons of your past are in YOUR head. Leave them in the past as the echo of a metal trash can rattling down a deserted NYC alley on a windy day. If they were not there to hear it how can you explain it? Why wouold you want to? That "dirt" on your soul is a stain that cannot be removed. You own it. Spending an inordinate amount of time in reflection of those past deeds casts a blind eye toward the totality of successes you have achieved as a man, a father, and a Citizen. I "know" to what you refer with regard to "karma", a colloquialism in modern day use, and I believe you have outlived the bad and supplanted the good. Do not pollute your well of success with the poison of your past.
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There isn't a person alive, or dead who can honestly say he/she has lived a blameless life......except one, who is also the only one who can provide forgiveness for all the wrongs any of us has done.

Nope.... not preaching holy roller stuff, just fact, and the only way the guilt for all our earlier years can be minimized. No person on earth is perfect, nor meant to be, nor able to be. We all have skeletons we would love to forget but are unable to do so. If/when he calls, answer. But it would be wise to keep your confessions between you two, because once the forgiveness is there it is the bussiness of no one but you.

Glad HE moved you to share so the healing can begin.
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