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Ridged dark cutting oil. It works great for threading, turning, chambering or milling steel. For aluminum I've been using a mix of WD40 and ATF for the last dozen years or so and like it. Mobile 1 in the truck and M-Pro 7 on guns.
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Vicks Vapor Rub

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Originally Posted by Dee View Post
Vicks Vapor Rub
I grew uo with that stuff
Put a jar on a campfire and it opens your sinuses and smell real nice.

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I mostly use WD40 as a carrier agent for teflon powder, graphite or molybdenum disulfide. I use teflon powder when expanding cartridge case necks, thinking of trying moly next time. I also like Eezox lubricant, let it dry and spray Rust Guardit for a rust free coating.

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Originally Posted by Ghosth View Post
Dextron III ATF is my #1 go to for anything gun or precision related. Works great on singer sewing machines with a persistent squeek.

I read about Ed Harris's "Eds Red" and asked myself, "what do I need kerosene and acetone for"

Geezer you and I are pretty much in lock step on a lot of things. Be fun to drink an adult beverage or a coffee with you someday.

Revolver's, nothing leaves them ticking over like a finely crafted machine like a q-tip soaked with ATF and a little time. It cleans, it leaves a film that stays even when wiped off.

And if you want to super power your ATF, put a couple of squirts of Goo Gone in a jigger of ATF.
That stuff is the cat's meow.

All I can says is if you haven't tried Ed's Red, you won't know how amazing it is. It will wash lead fouling out of a barrel and I've seen some of it come out in spiral strands. Nothing I've ever tried works as well. Since I buy acetone by the gallon for my business, I don't mind pilfering a cup at a time to make a quart or so of Ed's Red. I buy kerosene by the gallon meant for heaters and I can use it in my lamps in emergencies. I have a couple old steel IMR and Winchester powder cans I use to store Ed's red in. I'd have several more if I got out and shot more. I have many more older cans of powder that I expected to have used up by now.

Age and religion have seen me give up alcohol and anything with caffeine in it. It doesn't take much caffeine to throw my heart out of rhythm.

I don't travel much but I wouldn't mind meeting up for lunch if we're ever in the same area...

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Originally Posted by Bob Riebe View Post
For cooking oil/grease if I use oil I try to keep a jug of sunflower or peanut oil around but also have found cotton seed and grape seed are very nice.
Most often though, even deep frying, I save old cooking grease from chickens, bacon, ducks, beef, pork in a container by the range plus I have three containers in the fridge.
With my screwed up taste buds it now makes little difference really but before that happened , for home made French Fries, type of oil used made a real difference.

Peanut and sunflower oil are both mono-unsaturated fats and healthier options like olive and rape seed oils but they're not as easy to find around here.

If heath wasn't a concern, I'd cook a lot of foods in bacon grease. It tastes great but is bad for the heart...

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Breakfree & Fluid film

For cooking, Olive Oil
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Break free..with CLP.


If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.. (Gen George S. Patton)
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Default Re: What essential oil do you trust?

Aromatherapy has taken the wellness world by storm, and for good reason. From moisturizing your cuticles to providing a positive breathing experience, essential oils have a TON of awesome benefits.
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Originally Posted by gpa&hisguns View Post
Depends what I'm using it on. I use PB Blaster on stuff that I don't care if it stinks after applying like out door hinges ets.. CR products are good but good ole WD40 is what's in the tool kits in our vehicles. In my daily maintenance at the School buildings WD 40 is all I use. It has saved the day more than once when dealing with a wet electrical connection too.
When engines still had spark plug wires, and they were long overdue for replacement, we would spray WD 40 on them if the wet rainy weather stopped the truck from starting. Took about 20 minutes to dry them out.
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