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Default 3 strikes ...you're out!

Most of you know about my number uno buddy Roy. He finds pheasants for me and sleeps by my bed. I am what matters most in the world to Roy period!

When Roy was but 3 months old he got chewed up by a 3 year old 90 lb Black Lab. The incident happened while Roy was on his trolley in our backyard. I was in the garage and ran that Lab off with a 4 ft aluminum level. I never saw that lab again until 3 months latter. Once again Roy got attacked while on his trolley. This time my wife ran the Lab off with a broom. Both times Roy required stitches and antibiotics. After the second time I hung my Remington 514 above the garage door loaded with a CB. I was laying low waiting for that ba$tard to come back. He was going to get sent on his way with a 40 grain slug in his rib cage. I never saw him again until last night. Roy was in the house when I got home from work so I opened the back door and told him to kennel. The kennel is basically a 30x30 fenced in area behind the garage with heated 8 foot shed that houses Roy's food and day bunk. Roy always heads for the kennel on a run so he can check the oak tree for squirrel scent and pee on the fence. I always walk out behind him and close the gate. Roy was out of sight behind the garage before I stepped off the patio. All heck broke loose behind the garage and I could hear a dog fight breaking out so I picked up the pace and grabbed a garden hoe that sat inside the side door of the garage( the 22 is back in the safe). Roy is now 3&1/2 and the Lab close to 7. Roy now weighs 75-80 and has had three seasons of tackling what nature throws at him including several dead cats, a half a dozen racoons that would rather fight than run and one coyote. Roy has earned his battle scars. The lab is a dominant boot licker and nothing more. As I rounded the garage Roy had the Lab on it's back and had it by the throat. Roy was lunging as to get a better grip on that labs throat while pinning it to the ground. Every muscle in Roy's well toned body was flexing to the limit. I yelled woe at Roy and for the first time in forever he ignored my command. I grabbed him by his short tail and the back of his collar and in one motion pulled him off. The lab regained its feet and came for Roy again. I had no choice but to turn him loose. Roy was soooo much faster that he had that lab in the death hold again in seconds. This time I let it go. Once that Lab tucked his tail and peed all over himself I pulled Roy off and held him while the Lab exited the kennel. Roys whole head was covered in blood and none of it was his. I washed him up put him back in the house. I followed the Labs blood trail between the houses to the sidewalk and the out into the street for three blocks and then up it's owners driveway. I confronted the disgruntled owner and told him the whole story that I just told you guys plus one other very pertinent bit of information which had to do with my wife finding her Yorkie Poo all torn to shreds in the backyard a couple of months earlier and neighbor Mike said he saw that Black Lab next to our porch 15 minutes before my wife found her dog.. I told the owner that if his dog ever sat foot on my property again I would kill it deader than **** and I had every right to do so. Roy never leaves my property unless he is on a leash and with me.

What transpired with that Lab during Roy's early years made him aggressive towards other male dogs. I have worked my butt off to socialize him so that he wouldn't look at every male dog as a foe. He has been hunting all year with different dogs with only one minor issue and that was snippy Brittainy that got aggressive towards Roy as soon as it was let out of the dog box. I grabbed Roy and pitched him onto the hood of my truck and held him there and the owner corrected his dog and they got along fine the rest of the day.

I have been around hunting dogs my whole life and understand that they are pack animals with a natural desire to establish a pecking order. I know that one real bad fight and the taste of blood can make a dog want to dominate all others. Twice during the evening Roy looked towards the backyard with his hair standing on end and growled a deep throaty growl.

Tonight I will take Roy to a buddy's kennel and start socializing him all over again. I have seen one serious dog fight ruin a breeding male dog. It can make them so that they would rather fight than hunt. I could have my work cut out for me as this morning Roy still had that look in his eye and strutted for the kennel like a rutting buck looking for a fight growling the whole way. I want my happy go lucky bird dog back and that is going to take some work!

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Well, you'll no doubt get Roy straightened out with a little work. But you shouldn't have this problem if that Lab's owner was worth a ****!

If someone isn't going to teach their dog to behave and lets them run all over the neighborhood they shouldn't have a dog - they don't deserve one!
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I love the chronicles of Roy... Also thanks for the info. I did not know about the socialization problems involved in fighting. My sister is the expert and she loves to let me know it. Sometimes I know she’s wrong but let her have it anyways as she holds enough of a grudge for being under my wing for so long.
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Some dogs have a switch. Probably instinct. Fight to the death. Gotta keep them away from whatever triggers them. Had to put one down who had this. It too started when he was a pup and got attacked by a sneaky older dog. He got his revenge on that pos dog and then got dominate over the food bowl. He was fine by himself but you couldn't predict when the switch would flip on.

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I would used a shotgun on the lab first chance he gave me.

I've got a neighbor down the street that can't keep his 90 lb boxer mix up.
He comes up to my place and tries to start crap with Rufus through the fence.
When he's around front in the garage with me I keep a shotgun handy.
I told the owner of the big boxer mix I'd put their dog down, and surprisingly they agreed their dog was super aggressive toward other males, but when he gets out they can't catch him. REALLY?

Like your Roy, Rufus is my running buddy, we ain't putting up with the neighborhood bully, and his lack luster owners

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I had a similar experience with an idiot neighbor and her dog about 20 years back.

I just got 6 month old Samantha as a rescue dog, an English Pointer/Pitbull mix that didn't look look pitbull at all. She had never been socialized with PEOPLE, and going into playstance went misunderstood by the first three families who tried adopting her. Scared the devil out of my wife first time she wanted to play with her, snarling, growling, and plain looking mean.

Took her into the field next to the house for training, and the neighbors dog, still on her leash and being held, pinned Sam to the ground, and the woman on the other end of the leash thought it was funny! I didn't. I broke it up, told her never again, and she ignored it. A few days later it happened again, and I told her Sam won't be a little puppy forever.

Months later..... I kept Sam away from that couple...... Then while in the yard they came by, and the woman decided.....well I'm not sure what she decided, but she became hysterically vocal when Samantha got her revenge! I returned the exchange with "I told you she wouldn't be small forever! I don't want to hear a thing!"

I called Sam over to me,(they were in my yard), and told her stay off my property. That wasn't necesary though, because that other mutt refused to come anywhere near us again

Sadly, we lost Sam a few years ago when a serious stroke crippled her, ever faithful and obediant to thhe very end at 18years old.

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My uncle had a male English Setter not a big dog but he could fight. Funny thing was he only attacked dogs that came on the property. They could walk up the road , one on two sides or stay in the woods or field on the other two sides off the property . But set foot on his property it was going to be a fight. You dog may be protecting you property .
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We knew of a lady in Artesia who owned an Australian Dingo. That was the worst, and the meanest animal I had ever seen.
I didn't think that was even legal to own one of those. But sure nuff the city came and got it and then put it down.
It was always harassing the neighbors dogs, and scaring children who were walking home from school.
Through the chain link fence.

Someone recognized what it was and called the police. I'm pretty sure that they gave her fine also.
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