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Default I just had it out with a delivery driver!

Our school book orders all have delivery info stating that the books are to be delivered to inside the front corridor of the designated building. We pay the independent delivery service extra for this service.

Today I get a call at 11:30 that a delivery guy is setting in front of one of the grade schools waiting to be unloaded. I have on a hazmat suit and have just started pumping boiler chemicals from 55 gallon drums into canisters for the pump tanks. I have two guys helping me. I told the caller that they would have to wait until I got done with what I was doing and then I'd head over to see the delivery guy.

45 minutes later I get to the school and the delivery truck is still parked out front in the fire lane. I go in the front doors and there sets the 20 something year old delivery guy on the couch playing games on his phone. I asked to see his delivery invoice and he obliged. There on the front page in bold red writing it says deliver to corridor inside front doors. I showed it to him. He had 4 pallets full of books. His truck didn't have a lift gate. He didn't have a pallet jack to get them from the front of the truck to the back of the truck and he didn't even have a two wheel cart. He had no intentions of lifting a finger to get those books to the inside of the build and had every intention of watching this 62 year old man do it all. I went and got a two wheel cart out of the custodian's closet and rolled it to him. I said you have one of two choices. You can unload that stuff to the front corridor in accordance to what we paid your company or take it back with you. He made a quick phone call to headquarters and then went right to unloading that truck. I figure that he will get done just before the buses roll in at the end of the day.

It made me wonder how many suckers along that kids route unloaded the back 3/4 of that truck while he stood and watched them. Had he been busy unloading when I arrived then I would have respected his aptitude for work and jumped right in and helped. I will never help the inept nor be their victim.

I also called the delivery service and told them that next time to either send the kid prepared to fulfill the contract or don't send him at all. They assured me that they would get to the bottom of it!
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Whom ever was in charge of loading that truck, or picking the truck to be loaded is the one that is at fault.

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As soon as I got to where you wrote "20 something with phone" the mystery was solved! I could clearly see the problem.
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The main fault is with the person that sent out the merchandise with no unloading equipment. The driver shares the blame by not pointing out to his company that it was to placed inside plus he is just lazy. I wouldn’t have lifted a finger to help him either. In fact I would have led him to the cart and told him “ here you are, unload them or take them back” and left him with it.

At least you got your way with the company. I can’t get UPS to place packages out of sight behind my house which would require about five extra steps and when a signature is required they ignore that also. Just last week there was large package delivered requiring a signature. No one was at home and when we came home there sat the package on the doorstep in plain sight of anyone driving by. There was also a note stuck to the storm door saying “Sorry we missed you”.

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I had this kind of problem all the time with automation equipment slated to be delivered to our shop. The manufacturer would designate in the shipping instructions for the equipment to be delivered via a truck with a lift gate and a pallet jack. After several deliveries where the truck showed up without a lift gate I started refusing delivery and told the drivers to either come back with a truck equipped with a lift gate and a pallet jack or have his dispatcher or boss call me. As I learned over a few months it was the person in charge of scheduling local deliveries and which trucks delivered shipments who was calling the shots on what kind of truck would make deliveries. Sure was a pain in the tail.

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Had a guy show up with two slabs of countertop material with lift gate and a pallet jack but weighing in over 1000 pounds he was unwilling to drop it until I helped. I donít have a problem helping a guy willing to work. If he would have said here you go I would have said bye...
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Bob R, post#2 is right.
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Originally Posted by 45guy View Post
Bob R, post#2 is right.

Pretty much agree with one caveat. It might well be the driverís responsibility to check his paperwork to determine the equipment he needs on that route.

I took 25 tons down a ramp weekly for 18 years. I would no more have left without a wheeler than my glasses. Iíve worked with all manner of drivers. Delivery like you describe is not for very many. I donít exaggerate when I say 1:20 drivers last a full year in my company. Generally speaking 3 months is about the breaking point, they give up.

Iím at 23 here. I tell them it can be attributed to a lack of imagination and ambition. I canít imagine being without a job and I wonít look for another.

I need a kinder gentler machine gun

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Yup we went out to eat at red lobster a couple weeks ago and when I got out of the truck and started heading toward the door I saw an old lady using a walker struggling to get in the door. I ran up and held the door for here and walked in there were two 20 somes sitting on a bench right by the door waiting for a table with there heads burried in there phones. Don't know if they saw here ( but they had to at least here her trying) and ignored her or were so zoned out they didn't see a thing. My wife asked them what was wrong with them but they looked at her like they didn't have a clue.
Originally Posted by spruce View Post
As soon as I got to where you wrote "20 something with phone" the mystery was solved! I could clearly see the problem.

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