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Default Your early firearm history

What is your firearm history growing up? Mine:
First BB gun @ six years old - Crossman V-350
First rifle @ 10 years old - Winchester model 90 pump.
First Shotgun @ 11 years old - Ithica model 66
First handgun @ 13 years old - Ruger Mark I 5.5 inch bull barrel target pistol.
First center fire @ 15 years old - Customized Mauser 93 in 22-250 in 1970. Was supposed to sell for $650 at the time and due to the store pricing tag error I got it for $115 and the store honored the error.
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First powder-fueled firearm was a Colt SP-1 in April 1983; used at $350. Too many too fast after that to remember...
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My Dad was a gun nut and I was the first and only son. If I remember the story correctly, he bought me an H&R 410 Topper Deluxe at 4 years of age, Chromed receiver and red stocks. I somewhat remember staining the stocks brown with him. I don't remember how old I was, but I remember Dad carrying me on his back into the beaver pond. I killed a mallard drake on the water that day, my first kill. Still have that gun.

Next was a Winchester Model 12 20ga with a solid rib. I believe I was around 6 then and remember Mom not being real happy that Dad paid $140 for it. I still have that gun and to this day have never fired it. Dad rabbit hunted with it twice and other than that, it has never left this house.

Third was a Ted Williams 20ga semi auto with a vent rib and a poly choke. My great uncle gave me that gun and I hunted everything with it for a few years. Took a lot of game with it and most with one shot, as it seldom cycled correctly. Still have it as well.

Soooooo many have came and gone since then, I couldn't even make a wild guess. I've collected/bought/sold/traded for as long as I can remember and I now have my Dads collection as well. It has been a very rewarding hobby that I will continue as long as I'm able.
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My first was a Daisey Cub BB gun at 5 years old. Then I got a new Red Rider every year for Christmas for the next 5 years. I would wear out BB guns at the rate of 1 per year. When I was 10 my dad bought me a new Remington 514 single shot 22. I killed about everything imaginable with that 22 including several fox. Later that year grandpa bought me a 410 single shot shotgun made by or sold by Luthe Hardware Company in Des Moines Iowa. It was chambered for only 2&1/2 inch shells so dad took it to one of the tool and die makers at the Oliver Tractor factory and he made it so it could shoot 3 inchers. When I turned 14 I bought an Ivers Johnson 20 gauge with full choke. I killed a lot of pheasants with that 20 gauge with the help of old Tuff, grandpas Border Collie. When I was 16 I bought a Winchester model 190 Auto Loader 22 rifle. Those were my only guns until after I got married at age 18. Then I started climbing poles 70 hours a week as a union contract lineman. Once the money started rolling in then so did the guns. Much like nvschutze eluded to, my gun buying kind of ran rampant.

A few years ago I told my wife that I was going to get down to 100 guns. She said that sounds like a very good idea. I counted them and had but 83....100 was the goal....

I have since gotten down to 23 guns. With a son, 3 son in laws and 7 grandsons it was not hard to divvy up most of those guns. The ones nobody wanted got turned into guns that they did want.

At 62 years of age with retirement luming I committed to getting down to 10 or so guns. Then I see a couple that I can't live without and so the story goes...........
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Found my first Daisy BB gun under the Christmas tree when I was about 7 yrs old. A single shot Stevens .22 showed up there about 3 years later. At the time state law said you couldn't hunt small game until age 12, and deer at age 14 so I had time to run a lot of ammo thru that little Stevens on a little home built range out behind the house before I could hunt.

When I started hunting I had that and used my dad's 20 IJ single shot. Got my very own shotgun at 13, it was a Mossberg 20 ga bolt action. Don't let anyone tell you a bolt action shotgun is no good for wingshooting! I killed a bunch of grouse, rabbits, and a few pheasants and woodcock with that thing!

Next was a Mossberg 352K .22 auto and a "sporterized" No1 MkIII .303. Then a Win model 290, a Win pump .22 mag (255 or 275?), then a .357 Ruger Blackhawk, then it really started!

The next 50 years or so was just a blur of guns coming and going, some staying a long time, most only paying a relatively short visit. Now I have the herd pared down to a pretty reasonable number and try to get rid of one each time I buy something. Every once in a while I slip up and forget to sell off one - but I try!
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