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Default Is the "new normal" affecting your life?

How much has yor life changed since the COVID19 has taken hold? The wife and I were asking each other that exact question, and, maybe sadly, it really hasn't!

We were never all that social having people over for dinner, or going to other homes for other social pursuits. We've always tried to be good friends and neigbors, but that was about it. We talk to many along the Delaware Canal Towpath, which actually butts up to the back of our property, helped numerous young people with fishng the canal, and even offered suggestions to train "unrulely" canines for a few.

Well we sat down and looked at what has changed over the last few weeks, and it's nearly nothing at all. Yes, we practice social distancing, and go to the market only when necesary. And we still go to the gun club with our viszla to control the transient geese who enter the pond there,(only within the quidelines the laws allow), but in reality, us old fogies are not living very much differently than normal. The reality is all our recreational activities are largely hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.

Kind of curious. How are the rest of you altering your lives to meet "the new normal"?

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Pretty much the same as you, not a whole lot of change. Of course, less trips to town and only for needed supplies. No shopping elsewhere (stores not open anyway), and no stopping for lunch at a restaurant when in town (there again they're only open for takeout).

Other than that it's quite normal for us. Go out with the dog several times a day and exercise her, if the weather's decent I'll pop off a box or two with a .22 handgun or rifle or shoot a few rounds of .38 or 9mm (hate picking up those empties!).

Other than that I'm mostly just waiting for it to warm up some so I can do a little fishing, but that's still a few weeks away.
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No change really more of homebodies as far as going out. We both still working and only go grocery shopping on an as needed basis. Biggest change is, kid has no school (still doing online/ daily class work though).

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Washing my hands more, and wiping down things with Lysol wipes which I didnít do before. Other than that, no.

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We're homebodies as well. We might go by a drive thru for a change of pace from being at home all day. It seems like when you "can't or shouldn't" do something, that's when you feel like doing it. Kinda like when your car is in the shop for some reason but you really don't have any where to go for a purpose. You still can borrow the wife's car (maybe) if really needed but it's best if you don't. LOL

I spend the dry/sunny days outside doing chores around the house, the "to do list" grows each day and I try and scratch one or two items off if possible but some days I don't. On rainy/crappy days (seems to be the norm here now) I piddle in the cave with some of my projects I have going on. Today was dry and sunny so I spent most of the day outside piddling with my set of wind flags for rimfire matches, and painting the balls a more visible color for these old eyes.

I can always find something to get into (much to the wife's displeasure) around the house, she prefers I not go in/out of the house like a bunch of grade school kids do. She prefers me to "stay" out for a while, but if I don't pass thru on occasion, she comes looking for me to make sure I haven't bleed to death out in the shed. LOL

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Well up until they closed the casino's and a bunch of restaurants, we hadn't changed much. We eat more meals at home now and don't have to go to other people's homes to eat--which is fine with me. My wife is quite fond of certain restaurants that are an hours drive away. That's out for the duration. I'm okay with that too. Everything was looking good until the state closed all the parks, which means most of the access to boat launches are shut. That means I'm just about cut off from kayaking. There are some places I could go, but I won't leave my vehicle parked at those spots. This sucks.

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I'm pretty much in the same boat as "the old man". We have called an hiatus for 2 Sundays for our my son videotaped our Pastor,

with a short message, which was put on our church facebook page. My wife passed away in May 2017, so I spend many hours alone

..with my little dog. It sure would be great to have her here for company...but God is the potter, while I am but the clay ! ..And that is OK !


If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.. (Gen George S. Patton)

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None really , have not checked to see if Barnes & Nobles has closed, they have coffee shop which can keep them open for take out, maybe.
Target type stores have food and drugs so they are all still open.
Outside of that for me nothing, the sig. is now at home as they closed up her shop.
Heading a cousins place next week to shoot some revolvers and pistols I have not, or ever, shot in a long time.

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IG blessings to you for the comfort of family, friends, and the sweetest of memories.

We were already homebodies. No change here, except what little work there was for my spouse ceased. Back to being a Starving Artist as a Professional Concert Pianist.

We support our local small businesses, especially restaurants, to keep them going through the shut down, both take out and delivery. Gotta eat! Medical scheduling can be problematic, but it works out.

More time on my hands to write scathing missives in confrontation of liberal dogma posted on social media. They never see the Tidal Wave coming.

...and so Fellow Americans, let's pick a FIGHT with one another. Poke the Bull. Let's Weaponize politics (you can bet the farm that I have not yet begun to fight). Let's go to the streets in hype, Fake News, and Fearmongering. Come On! Take a side. All in or nothing. You bring yours. I'll bring mine. We can meet on Facebook and get this **** over with. Once and for all. Before Easter even - that'll make everybody happy. Last man standing...I'll play
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quite a bit actually. Wife is working out of the house now and that sucks, at least for me My day to day winter routine hasn't changed a lot because it mostly consists of loading and casting anyway and I rarely go anywhere. But when I do it does effect me. Never thought in my wildest dreams id be going into the grocery store or hardware store with gloves and a mask or be afraid of who touched the containers on my take out food which by the way has been ONE pizza since this whole thing started. I know use hand sanitizer which I laughed at the yuppys who did before.

Had a colonoscopy and a sleep study scheduled for this month and canceled them because I didn't think it made much sense to walk into a hospital right now and risk that the guy before me had this bug. Im sure this will crush the hospitals because people will not go there unless they absolutely have to and probably have the people that go there for this bug and end up in intensive care will never pay a penny to the hospitals. Government will probably help those that have people there treating for this bug but I doubt the ones like up here in the woods with few cases will get help because people quit going to them. I wonder what that will do in the end to medical care.

In the long run theres a good chance this will change many things and for the short term when it subsides it will change ALOT. I think churches will loose some of there congregations for even the long term. People all over will become more distant and less open and friendly. I guess what ive saw so far is in this area its turned normaly friendly open people into colder people like you would encounter in a city. Many people with the flu in the past used to buck up and go to work. That will be frowned on and in may businesses id bet will be made a violation of work rules. Going to church with a cough will sure get you some dirty looks. Same thing with sending your kid to school with a runny nose.

I guess most of this doesn't effect me much. I never was a social butterfly and don't need other people or attention. Dont need to fly anywhere and sure dont need to go on a cruise. My wife will struggle more then I will with it. She still works, likes being around people and likes to travel. She is an alter server at church and really misses going to mass. Me I can pray at home and in fact sometimes think in the quiet of home it means more.

Bottom line is I guess if you look at it closely it will effect everyone is some way or the other. Many of those will see big changes in there lives. Some that we don't even realize right now. We still don't even know how bad this will get before its over. If it started easing up tommarow the long term would be much different then if the bodys start piling up and this is just the beginning.

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