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Default Do any of you guys have one of the fully camouflaged 3.5" 12 gauge Toppers that's bee

The guy I just bought mine from is pretty mad because I'm seriously thinking about putting a scope on mine. He said he had one of the fully camouflaged Topper 10 gauges drilled and tapped years ago and it made the paint start flaking off where it had been drilled and tapped and it just kept on flaking off. He says I'm ruining a collectors item and has made actually made me feel bad for wanting to put a scope on what is now my gun. Has anyone had that happen to theirs or heard of it happening to someone else's? I wouldn't ever even consider putting a scope on it if I didn't actually need it even though I wear glasses. My vision is permanently messed up because of medications I've been on for 20 years. It's steadily getting worse every year, and will continue to get worse because I'll be taking the medication until the day I die
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Anyone that thinks any Handy/Handi/Topper type gun is a collectors piece would likely call a hot pink Bic lighter a collectors piece. It is a tool and it is yours, make it work for you and tell the other guy to (fill in the blank) off.

Just my opinion of course.

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I don't know what finish they put on those camo guns but have drilled and tapped several Mossbergs with camo finishes and had no ill effects.

Form another angle I have had guns in the past that were works of art that I was afraid to use them. However at this stage in my life I only want guns that will serve me and my purpose. I say that if it has enough steel top side then drill and tap it and use it. Don't worry about whether that gun will satisfy the next guy as it only needs to satisfy you and to do so it needs a scope. Do it and don't look back!
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Obviously the moron has no concept of "ownership". Someone should explain to him that when you sell something you don't own it anymore and have no say in what the new owner does with it.

Like someone said it will never be a collector's item and have any great value. It's yours so do whatever you want with it and don't worry about what someone else thinks.
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I wouldn't worry about the barrel. A field gun is gonna get a few nicks and dings over time. That's why we like em. The glossy ones sit at home and the tough ones get to go have fun.

I was thinking you may want to paint the rail or take it to someone to finish before mounting. You can also get a camo shotgun scope to keep the camo theme going. May as well go all the way.

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It's your gun, do what you want with it. H&R's will never be a collector's item, they're a good working man's gun.

That being said be careful about putting a scope rail on a 12 gauge, I seem to remember seeing posts here saying that there wasn't enough metal to drill and tap a 12 gauge for a rail. I could be wrong, Tim would know for sure. Hopefully he'll chime in on that one. You could always have a rail soldered on if there isn't enough meat to drill into.

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In reality, unless you're doing the work yourself, it's gonna be up to the smith that does the works, some won't D&T and 12ga, some will as has been said in the other discussion. I wouldn't worry about the finish myself if it makes the gun usable.


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If you use the Warne steel base, a gunsmith can silver solder it on. Rose Action Sports did mine. I have a factory 12 gauge Ultra Light Slug Hunter (standard 12 gauge rifled barrel, not the thick rifled barrel) and the factory mount from H&R is silver soldered on too. Some have had luck with epoxy, but I would have a gunsmith do it right and silver solder it.
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if the camo hydro dip was flaking off chances are the whole barrel wasnt properly prepped or degreased. it will probably flake off in other areas too over time. im with the others. its a working mans gun. if the smith uses caution there shouldnt be much if any paint lost. the scope base would surely cover it. worst case you could have it re dipped or just touch it up with a paint pen if only minor areas. i had my 10 guage sent to Williams for a fiber optic front and rear sight ghost ring. dont think i ruined it. lol best of luck with your new gun!
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Hi y'all, haven't posted in a couple years, since the move north just been passing through from time to time. Thought I would weigh in on this one. I have never found a Smith that would d/t my shotgun, but have found success with jbweld. Did knock it off once but it wasn't from recoil, had it in a soft case and something got dropped on it. I guess the collector value is shot on mine seeing I added choke tubes and painted over the funky factory paint, it had the old green and gray, I do like the looks of the dipped camo. Guess I killed the value of the 20's my little one have to as they got the same treatment.
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