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I am a big guy so I have only used climbers as screw in steps and me do not get along. LOL
The only problem I have found is you CAN be somewhat limited as to location. Size of the tree, type of climber and tree type, branches. I had a loggy bayou and it operates from a grip type system, meaning it did not bite into a tree. I now have a summit and has a tooth type system where it actually "bites into the tree bark". The biggest thing I found between the two has been I must be careful as to what tree type to use RE: my summit does not like a hickory tree where the loggy could care less. I have actually been in a tree when a storm hit and finally I got motion sickness due to the whipping around of the tree. But during the storm ice formed on the tree trunk itself, the loggy gripped and came down no problem. I went out last year with the summit after a cold spell and it would not climb because the tree was frozen too hard.
The only reason I went to the summit was the seat. I have a couple of bulging disc in my lower back and it sits better for my back. IF you use your climber make certain if it is in two pieces tie them together and once in the tree I actually ratchet mine to the tree. AS always Use a GOOD saftey system while climbing and while hunting, and pratice with it. This is not something you want to figure out 30 minutes before daylight in the woods.
Also I found if I hook my belt pack to the climber I keep track of thing better than if I just carry it, and it goes up th tree with you.
God bless & have fun

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