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john keyes
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climbers are a huge advantage believe me. they have a few compromises that you must learn to live with. like for one: unless it is a tree lounge DO NOT NOD OFF or you will go in head first. I'm a hopeless insomniac but believe you me when I hear the pine branches whisper from the wind and the distant crow a cawin and the woodpecker tap tap its lights out. especially when you got up at 3 or 4 AND ITS COLDER THAN DOG DOO DOO .

so wear a harness (full body). I have an old summit that had the ol seat belt strap around the midsection. that would have been fun had I fallen out.

also no matter what tree you are in, once you are up there and have trimmed branches as you climbed, you will SEE A MUCH BETTER TREE THAT YOU SHOULD BE IN.

but yes they are the highest opportunity enhancers out there. just be careful.

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