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Originally Posted by buckshooter
Is their any tricks to a tree lounge that I should know about? Any gadget you would get for it?
two very important things:

-make sure the footclimber is attached somehow to the upper part. it will fall and you do not want to get stuck w/o it

-if the "cinch strap" did not come with it, then get one or use a bungee cord. this secures the leverage angle of the upper part ie you want the part behind the tree always pointing up at about 45 deg.

this may not be easy to explain but I undid my seat part on the top and wrapped it once around the bottom and then reattached it to take some of the slack out of it. I wanted to not have my a$$ pushed down so low into the seat.

its a **** good stand but all those videos of the old people just very casually transporting the stand and climbing and hunting are kind of misleading. the stand is very heavy, very clunky, very awkward and makes a lot of noise. you'll see. I also made a plywood deal with some 2x4 blocks so I could securely strap it down on my four wheeler and it wouldn't rattle.
another downside is they are so expensive you really get kinda paranoid about leaving it in the woods attached to a tree but it is so heavy etc that you hate taking it off every night (and putting it back on every morning...)

but I'm not selling mine, I killed the biggest deer ever (rack, body weight)
I used a summit sabre for years that is a good stand but no power napping in that little stand

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