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Default you may have seen these.....a little info

we got into a raffle at work for one of these, a co worker won and I bought it from him for $200. I'm lettin my kids play in it this season

I set it up myself pretty easily, the top part was assembled and very light. It was NO PROBLEM to easily roll it to where I wanted.

I did have to get the kids to help hold some of the legs structure when I assembled it....

overall I'm very impressed, its a nice sturdy light unit, sealed up nice, nice sliding tinted windows.

A man could get it into the woods no problem by himself and set it up. In fact the downside is somebody could haul it off pretty easily too in a few minutes :

Though taken from established manufacturers' sources and presumed to be safe please do not use any load that I have posted. Please reference Hogdon, Lyman, Speer and others as a source of data for your own use.
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