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pastorp 06-20-2013 09:39 AM

One gun to do it all
After a half dozen combo guns & 3 drillings I am still looking for the one gun to do it all for me. The Savage 2400 I had in 12/308 came close. So does the kreighoff drilling in 16x16/7x57R. But I guess I keep gravitating back to my favorite caliber the 257 Roberts.

What's your pick?

Like my friend says I don't really have much use for a shotgun. The Roberts really does it all for me. 06-20-2013 09:52 AM

Re: One gun to do it all
i just got a baikal......12 over 308

any ''one gun do it all'' has to have the option of POWER

so only a 12 will my eyes

we all know the 308 so nothing to add
other than.........i will develope a cast load for economy and/or small game

dougk 06-20-2013 07:04 PM

Re: One gun to do it all
Hi Bryon,
for one gun I would go with the Fortuna 16x16x7x65R with a .22WMR barrel insert for the shotgun barrel.


hangup 05-04-2015 12:53 AM

Re: One gun to do it all
your 'do it all" must not include being attacked, either by men, a dog pack, or a rabid animal, cause single shots just don't cut it. Ditto for stopping fleeing cripples. Anyone can have an animal move, just as the shot is fired. If your game animal doesn't, move, you got lucky, cause you had no control over that at all, unless the animal was bedded down.

Plenty of us enjoy match shooting, at which the single shot, or even the bolt action, has no chance. many of us also like to hunt varmints at long range, for which the O/U guns aint worth much.

hangup 05-04-2015 12:55 AM

Re: One gun to do it all
for break opens, look into the 12 ga to 9mm and 12 ga to .22 chamber adapters, and the 308 to .32 ACP adapters. I have never been interested in them and have no idea as to their accuracy. I"m just making you aware that they exist and might add to your versatility (if they work) youtube has vids about them, especially by Dave Canterbury, of the old Dual Survival TV show.

the only reason one gun might have to do it all is shtf, and for that, you defintely want a long range, rapidfiring rifle that has a suppressor, luminous sights and the ability to fire 223, along with the .22lr option, if you can get it. But a suppressed .22lr handgun can handle most of the stuff for which you might normally use a .22lr rifle or a shotgun. noise not only might attract your killer, it also scares off game. So why make any, if you don't have to do so?

animals and birds do not have to be shot on the move. They are not really worth a 12 ga shell, in most cases, if it's shtf. Not worth the bulk or wt of the shell not worth all the noise. Animals are born and die in a very small area, unless predation, flood or fire forces them to leave. So you'll get other chances at the same critter. Nobody has to hunt for food in the US these days, so it's about sport and some of them eluding you and your .22 don't mean anything.

Trip Wire 05-04-2015 07:16 AM

Re: One gun to do it all
Gotta be the 1895 Marlin in 45/70.

On the upper end, it will kill anything that walks on the planet.
On the lower end, we paper patch pistol boolits.
Not many critters I care to eat that are smaller than a cat, and the 45/70 gets fluffy past another life

hangup 05-04-2015 11:32 AM

Re: One gun to do it all
right, you really wanna engage AK74's and AR's, using cover, at 300 yds with a 45-70? THE failure that matters is in defensive fire. "Doing it all" is not limited to hunting, ya know. Why go to all the trouble of paper patching, just to take a rabbit, when you can drop the .22lr conversion unit into an AR in 20 seconds? If it's not shtf, I'd just carry the AR in 223 firing 'mode", since shots appropriate for the .22 are far more common than shots that require the 223, unless it's a combat sort of deal. The small game, seen at closer range, is more likely to notice you and flee (while you swap gun parts) than is the deer at 150 yds.

If you actually do hunt a lot of bear, elk and moose, then you want a BAR alloy-framed sporter, in 308, with a silenced Ruger 2245 and Bushnell holosight, for small game taking. The 45-70 drops like a stone and drifts in the wind like a ballon, beyond about 150 yds.

hangup 05-04-2015 11:34 AM

Re: One gun to do it all
223 tracer ammo is the ideal thing for hitting running hogs and coyotes. The AR's luminous sights are $200 and just drop into the gun. TheAR's finish is dark, non reflective and rust resistant. Chromed bores and chambers are readily available. The barrel comes threaded, you can buy the gun as a stripped lower receiver and add the other pcs as you can afford them. you can get wonderful trigger jobs as drop in kits. you can buy the AR without a background check or showing an ID, if you complete an ARES Armor 80% lower receiver. You can easily swap upper receivers, for a dozen calibers. you can swap barrels for half a dozen lengths or rifling twists, too. These and other things about the AR make it so versatile that the limitations of the 223 rd are easily accepted.

hangup 05-04-2015 11:38 AM

Re: One gun to do it all
doing it all might well mean being concealable (in a pack or slung under your arm, under a jacket). It might mean being able to use GI or .22 ammo. It might mean being able to do well at combat or NRA rifle matches. It might mean being able to be used with one arm, as you hold a child or help a loved one to walk, or drive a car, etc. NONE of which the 45-70 does worth a hoot.

Sheridan5mm 05-04-2015 01:48 PM

Re: One gun to do it all
257 Roberts sounds like an excellent choice.
I have a 22, 30-30, and a 243, and a 20 gauge that I rarely shoot. I could easily replace my 243 with a Bob...or a 260, or a 7-08.
I like also having the lever 30-30 for hogs on the ground, just in case one turns my way after the first shot. Some use a repeating 12 gauge. A pistol caliber lever could also work, but the 30-30 has the range to be a better backup for the 243.

I guess if I could only have one, the 30-30 lever(along with my 22 lever) would be hard to beat for all around versatility. If I lived up north with the big bears, and elk, and moose, I might pick something a little bigger.

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