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Default Beretta 1200 help needed

I recieved a Beretta model 1200 12gauge for Christmas. No box or paperwork.

Its the 1984-88 model (not the 1200 "F") but not sure the diff. between the 1200 & 1200f, if there is any. ??? It just says 1200 on the side.
Beautiful wood stocks, fixed choke (modified), ventilated rib 28' bbl, mint condition. I dont think it has ever been fired.

The little I've been able to find online hasnt been much help...And I already contacted Beretta N/A for a manual and its basically a gun safety booklet. I have Ithacas & Remingtons but this one is a little perplexing. ???

Any tips or info would be greatly appreciated...I think there is something strange about the way it is loaded but not sure ?
I also read that it is the same gun as an older model Benelli but not sure on that one either ?

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