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+1 to what john keyes mentioned about the tree lounge. I had on years ago to which I added the gun holders, bow hunting adapter and the camo cushion to cover the sling seat. All of these were to me useful additions. I did not bow hunt but I used the bow hunting adapter to periodically stand, which really helped, when I had a nature call. The camo cushion covering the sling seat will keep your back warm.

However, with everything I added to the tree lounge, it was heavy and awkard to carry, not to mention I dreaded setting it up and taking it down. I could never do so with making noise (alot of noise). I ended up leaving it on a tree for the time I was hunting. I then realized with the price of decent ladder stands, I could put several up a year so that now, I have multiple options on where I can hunt. I can see the advantage of a climber, especially for those who hunt public land. For me, I'm sticking with ladder stands. To each his own.
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