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Default just put up stand #2 on the edge of a clear cut

this is one of two stands I built at my house, then tore it down and put it in the garage

last weekend I got the "ok" from the deer lease boss to put it in a spot I had been wanting bad. killer clear cut on the edge of woods in a primo spot. previous stander bugged out. he killed some really nice deer there the last few years but couldn't deal with the clear cutting. It might take a while but I know the deer love the new growth and I'll be there watching and waiting! plus like I said its on the edge of woods in three directions. I was just too tired to get more pics.

so a couple weekends ago I got started and the result of 7 hours: legs, base and doghouse skeleton (just carrying from the truck to the spot, about 250 yds, putting together and two comealongs to flip it up, add braces etc

to give an idea of the distance from the road, if you look right in the middle you might see my silver F100, its there but this camera is terrible

today I hauled the roof, sides, door, etc out and put them on. only took 5 hours. kinda hot today ;D

view from the road, can't see it in the photo but very difficult to see from the road and I like that so some idiot can't mess with it

though it is a clear cut, it is still very difficult to traverse with all of the deadfall. that ladder was a major PITA but essential. I will not lean an extension ladder against anything anymore. I would like to make a 4 wheeler path to the stand but will not, the inaccessability is also security for me as far as vandals go. it won't hurt me to walk with a rifle to and fro. but dragging a deer might be kinda tough

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