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Had a pretty good year but its all over now. Hard frost last week. Picked and salvaged everything just in time. Weather man told me it was coming and we hit it just right. Good year for beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions. Corn and lettuce, not so much. Hot for a week, then cold for a week pretty much all summer. Strange weather but it is, what it is.
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I pulled all the tomato plants up North except for the other half's cherry type, which I do not like but she does.
Its yield was/is far, far , far more than any one can eat. Too bad I do not like sweet tomtatoes.
I did it in short and barefoot ,so as not to drag dirt into the house, you can take a hose and just wash off your feet and legs, but when it is in the fifties you learn to move fast. I did have a long sleeve shirt on.
Lawn needs mowing and the short hour days are now catching up to me as it takes me weeks to really adapt to shortening hours.
Rained again last night so I will have no choice but to work in a truly wet garden as there are some things that just cannot be put off any longer.
Of course I know after I am done muddying around we will get a week of nice dry warmer weather, at least that is how it has gone in the past.
Frost is coming next weekend but the only thing that would really screw up is the squash vines and I may cover them with sheets up North but it may put an end to my very, very late potatoes down South but that is fifty miles South and it may not frost down there.


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I dug up the potatoes in the North garden yesterday.
Less than a bushel out of an area approx. 6 x 11.

About two thirds are Purple Peruvian which averaged in size less than the size of an average woman's thumb.
Do not know why the PP this year sent vines out like they were on supper growth drugs.
Even the ones I gave to my Cousin's mom did that.

Sadly the the ones that came from the original tuber, 8 or more inches underground gave only three or four at best average size for a PP.
I will be making a lot of dishes this year that use small to tiny potatoes.

Even with the far more sandy soil up North I ended up digging, after breaking ground with a shovel , literally by hand as often they were in a dirt clump and I had to break it up by hand which is far easier without gloves plus I did dig the hole deeper by hand often find where the potatoes were, all varieties, were by touch as often the potatoes are not under the plant.
Usually I would get, all varieties, some 3 to 4 potatoes shallower and then most down deep.
This year there were only one or two, to 0 shallow, with nothing between the deep and shallow ones .
Some plants had one or two small ones shallow and they nothing else.
I have never had that before, in the past I would get a lot of small , man's thumb size in a bad year, all varieties but never anything like this.

After spending another 4 hours on my knees, my knees are fine, but my buttocks and arms are sore.
I can see the arm part as I force the shovel in with my forearms and one hand on the shovel but that must use my brains, oops, my butt also.

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My garden is done for the year and I am ok with that. I like gardening but by end of September I am glad it’s done. Canning and freezing has paid off and it’s nice to have a full freezer and pantry shelves. Every year some things do well and other things not so much. My raspberries and blueberries did not have a good year but most other things ended up doing ok by the end of the season. It’s a blessing to be able to put food up for the long winters we have up here.


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I must have lost my mojo as even five years ago I did my best to fight cold weather in fall and keep the garden going.
Covering tomatoes and chiles into late Oct.
I now have those oddball late potatoes , one volunteer tomato, that is still disease free and I did not know was there as it was in among the potato vines, and some squash vines that if covered when frost hits would let the squash ripen more naturally.
I have zero desire to go to the hassle , where as for decades, **** fire could not have stopped me from trying to push till temps. hit the twenties.
I WILL save that tomato as it has some nice clean large ones near picking stage, and as it survived this long with zero help from me, it deserves surviving a little longer.
I have never covered a potato plant before, I never had any blooming in Oct. before, and just do not know if it is worth the effort as they are in my South garden fifty miles from where I am now.

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i'll call my little mess a failure for this year.
it was pretty much too cool for too long this spring,
then way too blistering hot for too long with no in between.
now, we're having the 40 degree nights which will kill all
the plants i worked so hard through the hot summer to keep
all that said, i'll still have another this next year.
just call me stoo-pid

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