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Default hogs

i was just perusing the small game regs., and noticed that "it is illegal to keep fenced feral hogs for hunting purposes" I have no notion of discussing the impact of feral hogs in wisconsin, but the terminology the dnr keeps coming up with really bothers me. isnt a hog that is fenced......livestock? just read about a fella in Michigan fighting for his farm. Plus he is being fined 10,000 per russian boar-700000$ he is raising. I think government has too much power when they tell us what kinds of livestock we are allowed to raise. or when we cant sell our farm fresh goods.-raw milk, meat, etc. the feral hog problem started and progressed to the point it is because of escaped-DOMESTIC- hogs. well documented. happened before big game farms were so prevalent. one who raises exotics (fenced farm animals) has got good money stuck into an investment. they are not going to want those animals escaping. the fella in MI, (or someone in the article) thinks that the big pork producers are involved somehow, as much of the "specialty" pork comes from even domestic speceis of hog that are considered "invasive". they bring more money, can be pasture raised for better quality, but are illegal in his state. Id like any thoughts on the rights/ farming aspect of this conversation. a hog is a hog. if you can raise one kind of pig in a state you should be able to raise ANY kind of pig in that state, until the state says you cant raise any pigs at all. then we got another problem.
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I certainly agree with you about the raw milk.
Here in Ga the milk has to be labeled "not for human consumption."
And I love raw milk.

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I live in wisconsin and am lincensed for captive wildlife.
Wild pigs are classified as non native invasive species.
You can get a captive wildlife permit for them but trust me, you dont want to go down that road....
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In wisconsin, if you raise turkeys on your farm, you can behead them with an axe but if you shoot them with a .22; you have to have a turkey tag, regardless of color, or non native status...
Here is another fun fact, if you have a grey squirrel for a pet, you need a permit. If you have a fox squirrel, you dont because they are non native to wisconsin....
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Originally Posted by gallahad View Post
i was just perusing the small game regs., and noticed that "it is illegal to keep fenced feral hogs for hunting purposes". isnt a hog that is fenced......livestock? a hog is a hog. if you can raise one kind of pig in a state you should be able to raise ANY kind of pig in that state, until the state says you cant raise any pigs at all

I think the words that I made bold are the qualifiers here. Not considered livestock if you are raising/keeping them purely to release and hunt. The DNR suspects most all of the occasional small pockets of Wild Hogs in the state are intentionally let loose by someone intending to hunt them. There is only one small area in Crawford county where a self-sustaining population once existed. Even that one was thought to be intentionally released feral hogs from Texas. This is why the DNR is so set against them. Because of the diseases they carry, wild hogs are also a threat to commercial pork producers. As has been said, one could get the permits necessary to confine true wild hogs, but even then, it could not be with the intent to release and hunt them.

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Bet the dairy farmer next door would be having a fit with an operation like that maybe in the entire county ,lose a pig lose a corn field . It goes downhiil fast from there ,thats why they"re hated by most land owners !
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The hogs have got out of control in many states and I think Texas has a major problem with them we have them here in Oklahoma but not as bad as Texas.


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The democrats are out of control here in ny and we don't even have a season on them. I think our major problem here is our out of control governor.
We once had some preserves with Russian hogs(which were delicious and great to hunt) but this stupid governor we have banned them because some commercial pig farmers lost some hogs that went feral and ate some fields next door but we couldn't hunt them, nys had to do it for us because we all are just stupid citizens who can't do anything for ourselves. I think if we let the hogs run loose in nyc we wouldn't have a homeless problem, a crime problem or a democrat problem. Just sayin' .....
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The fenced hunting portion of those regs was meant to shut down high fenced hunting of hogs and exotics.(1990's) There was an operation in Coloma for example, that had wild boar hunts, and that went bye bye. Wisconsin, to my knowledge doesn't limit hog farms or how you market and sell them, like Michigan tried to do. I would contact my county ag agent, and pick his or her brain.

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