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Default Handgus for survival.

We in America ate handgun people
. But is the weight worth the effort ? I bring this up because I have heard several in our military say they opt for more mags full for their rifle or I one case more money for their shotgun. These are mostly guys I worked with and one article I read. The article sparked the conservation. Keep in mind the handgun was 9 mm and they did not care for it. Then I have talked to some who went to Vietnam who said you tried to get a hand gun to keep with you at all times often picking one up in Tiland. I worked with a guy who escaped from Albania who hid from Russians searching and killing people. He had a handgun but said it would have been useless. There was a poster here from Africa who escaped when the white farmers were being killed. He and his wife made a run for it on foot. He mentioned a shotgun for him walking up front and his wife carried a rifle big enough to kill African critters . Don't recall him mentioning a handgun. Our culture is ingrained with the handgun . But there is no handgun that makes a good carry gun that stops attackers with one shot all of the time. It seems in most cases the handgun is ditched to allow more room to carry items one feels are more nessary. I rember reading articles back in the 70s and 80d where experts were saying people will find they have over packed and in a real crisis will be dropping things from their packs to lighten the load. As example I carry way less hunting than I'd when younger.
I like having a handgun but is it really worth the effort ?
Any thoughts
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Gun Cabinet

Any gun in a tight is better than no gun at all has been said. I carried my 9mm colt commander when off base and off duty when I was in Korea in 1952 but in a fire fight it would have been useless but better than nothing.


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Fourth fighter wing Kimpo Korea 1952 Fourth but first, the mig killers.
533rd material ,air defence Oxnard AFB 1953-1955
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In a shtf scenario, you can hit more protein with a rifle or shotgun than with a handgun.
In shtf I would carry a 22mag with shot cartridges for snakes etc.

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A handgun is to get you to your rifle. We carry a handgun as a CCW because we live in a semi civilised society and a handgun can usually suffice, but in a TEOTWAWKI event, or even a regional event, a pistol in a rifle caliber, probably a 5.56, would be my choice. Shotguns have their use, but they are a close range weapon, rounds are bulky and heavy and pound for pound, a rifle wins. I'll probably choose 5.56 because it is widely available here, but many other calibers may be good too.

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I'm always gonna have a handgun on me, period, holstered on a belt attached to my pants, worn on my body. I'll sleep with it, eat with it, swim with it, and take a dump with it. You will always have to set the rifle down for something, always. The one on your hip is always better than the one you leaned against a tree 2 yds away.

I know survival conversations somehow always wind up in a Mad Max, or Mogadishu type scenario. But a higher probability is that it will not be yourself against a well armed fire team. In which case a good handgun round delivered at appropriate ranges and well placed will definitely take the fight out of someone. Seriously, using a coked out heavyweight as the straw man to justify why you need a 45/70 to stop a person is just not realistic. More than likely the people you encounter in a survival scenario are also surviving ... tired, hungry, sick, scared, and not able to mend themselves readily. Any gunshot wound, by any caliber, will be fatal, and the knowledge of that will do more damage than the round itself. One shot stop is what a cop wants or a soldier wants it a modern context; me, I want them to stop fighting and leave me alone, crawl under a bush, and die a long painful death from septic shock. I don't plan on patching them up, or sticking around long enough to see what happens next. If I think it necessary, I'll walk over to the rifle I leaned against a tree (since chopping wood, or checking a trout line with it slung across my back is a PITA), and be ready for the next thing.

I'll also have a bunch of other things in my pockets, on the belt, in a chest pack ... because my backpack may be set down, my vehicle may be far away, and my house may be under water or a pile of ash. The knife in my pocket is better than the awesome $400 uber bushcrafter special strapped to the outside of the pack behind the seat in my truck.
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if it truly was an eotw shtf senerio I wouldn't want to bet my life on just one gun. Anything mechanical can fail. One little spring breaks and your done. I really doubt the weight of something like a single stacked compact 9mm and a couple mags is going to slow down even this old wore out grandpa.

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Teamnelson made many valid points. The one which stands out the farthest is the absolute of having to set the rifle/shotgun down over and over.

While I subscribe to "Peace through superior firepower", survival more often is as close as it gets, and sometimes too close, too fast, to wield a long weapon in time. That said, nothing says "back off" like the ka chunk of a 12 ga pump, which coincidently will make you no more dead than multiple shots to center mass with a handgun.......carry both.
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