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I would strongly discourage the use of the gas heat up in a treestand personally. Even if you were able to find an enclosure large enough to accomodate you and it there is still a lot of danger involved.

I think a better plan is to just find another way to stay warm. For that I suggest you take a look at the wrap that is basically a sleeping bag that you put on kinda like a cocoon. A standard sleeping bag would work but they make this one more roomy at the feet better to stand in or to sit as you wish. It zips up so nothing but your head is out and quickly opens for the shot when the time comes.

I've never used one as they aren't cheap and here in Bama most of the time it's really not cold enough for such. I have however taken a sleeping bag to the stand with me a few times when it was unusually cold and it too worked nicely.

I've long since stopped climbing trees as the last trip up was almost the last hunt ever for me. I'd had a few close calls before that one but that time while coming down from my home made ladder stand I just turned loose for who knows what reason and was heading to the ground head first when I some how managed to reach out and the tips of my fingers caught the top of the 2"x12" boards on each side of the opening I go in and out of in that stand. I'm talking so close that barely the last digits of the middle fingers managed to be over the back side of those boards.

I'll never know what happened for sure. I dunno if I blacked out a moment or if the pack on my back just pulled me over or what. All I know is that my head was not much shy of 20' in the air and I was falling out backward with a heavy pack on my back pulling me head first to the ground. Why I didn't let the pack down on the rope I had for that purpose as I did my rifle I also don't know as that's how I normally did it.

What I do know for sure is I'll never go up a tree again whether in a climbing stand or a ladder stand.

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