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About 55 when hunting clay birds LOL.


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This year out with the 35 Whelen handi-rifle I had 6 rounds on me and that was 5 more than I required. Usually I have about 10 rounds or so but with a single shot I don't go through many.

Handi Rifles: 35 Whelen, 45-70 UH SS, 22-250 UV, 25-06 UH, 30-30, 7-08, 223, 308 Survivor
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But what'a bout a zombie attack while you're deer hunting? Or, a Bigfoot attack? Or, or, a wild hog attack?

Male fantasies abound, and they don't subside till one reaches the ripe old age of 60.

Five in the rifle, five in my pocket. Never used more than 2, and wouldn't need any more than 10 even if "a pack of wild wolves" tried to attack me.

But, but, . . .what'a bout two packs of wild wolves?

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When I used a Winchester 88 it was the four in the magazine with an extra magazine in my pack. With the Handi-Rifle it was five on my belt. Now that I'm in Ohio, it's my powder horn with attached measure at my side, with a belt pouch containing 6 patched ball in a loading block, cleaning accouterments, extra patches and a spare flint or two. I don't recollect ever running out of ammo.

I felt very naked when a black bear was walking up on me and I put a round out of the .30-06 Handi between his paws at about 15 yards....

I did get reloaded and the bear did eventually turn around and run after looking at the ground, then me, then the ground again, but the adrenaline was flowing!


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Combined mule deer and grouse hunt in wolf, bear and cougar country.

3 jacketed rounds in the rifle, one light cast load in my pocket
5 rounds jacketed and 5 rounds light cast in a cartridge holder in my pack pocket.

I shoot up most of the cast bullets as the chance of seeing grouse is greater than deer.

The black bears run away, the cougars are the real threat, the wolves only a problem if I have my dog with me. The wolves I have seen stand still a lot of the time, would be an easy target. My buddy got a seven minute video of one this deer season.

The only time I have run out of cartridges was depredation pig hunting when we were supposed to shoot all we could. I only brought seven rounds and ended up pushing thru tule reeds looking for a wounded pig with only one round left. And that round made a mess of me and my scope with a point blank head shot of the pig.

Now I bring a little more ammo including the light cast loads (for the coup de gras and the coup de grouse).
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For years deer hunting I had the box of 20 to load the rifle from and pocket carried the remainder.
Then I got to thinkin that I never shot more than 3 shots on an outing, usually one, so I would just load the repeater rifle up full. If I couldnt do the job with that I had no business out 'hunting'. If a single shot it was the one-in-gun and whatever fit in about 1/2 of the elastic butt-sleeve. Of course, the rest of the box was back at the vehicle or cabin but I never ended up using even all those I took out. If I must carry some weight Id rather carry my little thermos and some snacks than cartridges I wont use.
I do like, and have, single shots but have come to prefer repeaters for hunting; only because I only shoot one shot per trigger pull anyway and I dont have to futz and fumble about with the extras in reserve. Neat, tidy and effective; whats not to like.
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For me it depends on the gun I'm carrying. The 45-70 or the 30-30 I have an old leather belt cartridge holder that holds 10 rounds plus the 5/6 in the rifle. If its the 30-06, I have a plastic belt case that holds 20. I put 5 of those in the Ruger and just carry the other 15. If I'm carrying the shotgun then I'll end up with 15 in the pockets of the vest and 3 (or 5) in the Mossberg or Ithaca. Usually, if I'm squirrel hunting my Remington 22 holds 17 rounds...I don't carry any extras.

My hunts consist of leave in the morning return at evening. I don't do overnights. I supposed if I did, I'd up the amounts of carried ammo accordingly.

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In Delaware I hunt with one in the rifle Muzzle Loader 2 quick loads in my pocket In Maryland I hunt 4 in the rifle 5 in my pocket. Hunting trips have been few and far between this year, only went one time this season The old fart ain't what he use to be

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For northern Michigan deer hunting, 3 in the bolt gun and another 3-4 in elastic loops on stock sleeve. Another 10-15 in truck in the event the scope gets bumped and re-sighting in is needed. Only needed more than one once......first shot was a clean miss.
Back in the day when we chased grouse and woodcock in the UP, as many light 12 ga loads as would fit in hunting vest pockets. About 2 boxes as I recall. There were days when a return to camp was necessary to replenish ammo prior to reaching bag limit.
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