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Default Rules for use of BPM&C Classifieds--read before posting

Rules for use of the BPM&C Classified Board

GBO Classifieds Rules updated February 9, 2011 and amended June 8, 2011, and 10 Jan 2012

By posting on this forum you agree to abide by the rules for this forum. It does not matter whether you have read these rules or not. If you post to this forum you have in effect agreed to all terms stated here in these rules and all others stated in the GBO Terms of Use Statement. You agreed to follow the Terms of use when you registered to use GBO. Ignorance of these rules is no excuse in the eyes of GBO Management for not following them. If you do not agree with these rules and/or can’t abide by them then don’t post your classifieds ads here.

WARNING[/color] the Rules in the post apply only to the Cannon Classifieds. Other GBO Classified have different rules and you should read them before posting there.

What may be sold:

This Forum is for the buying, selling, trading or giving away of Blackpowder Mortars and Cannons only. Also acceptable for listing are the related accessories and materials for shooting or building of Blackpowder Mortars and Cannons. All items listed here for sale must meet the same criteria as established for discussion on the regular forum. This means black powder mortars and cannons and their replicas defined by ATF&E and interpreted by GBO Blackpowder and Cannon Moderators as antiques. As such these items are not subject to transfer via Federal Firearm Dealers. Items that require transfer via an FFL Dealer may not be sold on this board.

All parties buying or selling in the Cannon Classifieds must follow all Federal, State and local laws regarding the transaction.

See Read and heed! Board Rules[/color] for complete details.

Who may use this Classified Forum:

Seller Any registered GBO user who has been registered for more than 30 days and has made 5 or more posts anywhere on GBO may post an item for sale on this forum. The property you are selling must your property and not the property of another. Items you make for sale can only be sold in this classified after you pay to become a sponsor. If you don’t meet this criteria contact a Cannon board Moderator for permission to post before posting an ad.

Buyer Any registered GBO user may buy items offered for sale on this forum.

Sponsor Anyone who has paid the advertiser fee on GBO.

All ads must include:
  • [li]The ad must state in the subject line F/S, WTS, WTT, WTB or FREE.[/li]

    [li] F/S or WTS or For Sale or Want To Sell ads must include a full description of the item being offered for sale, including any special features, modifications or defects. Use of pictures is encouraged. NOTE: Good clear concise descriptions will avoid misunderstandings.[/li]

    [li] WTT or Want To Trade ads must include a full description of the item being offered for trade, including any special features, modifications or defects. You must state clearly a description of the item you wish to trade for. NOTE: Good clear concise descriptions will avoid misunderstandings.[/li]

    [li] WTB or Want To Buy must be for a specific article. For Example “WTB CVA Cannon”. General information WTB post such as “where is a good place to buy a small cannon” goes in the discussion forum [/li]

    [li] Any Inspection and return period offered.[/li]

    [li] Preferred payment method[/li]

    [li] Shipping methods or restrictions.[/li]

    [li] All F/S WTS ads must clearly state price. [s]No MAO (Make an Offer) or OBO (Or Best Offer) ads allowed.[/s] [/li]

    [li]The above rules, where applicable, apply to all free or giveaway ads.[/li]

    [li]All ads must contain the method by which you may be contacted. This can be an email or PM or even a telephone number. It must be a method that you regularly monitor.[/li]

[size=14pt]Any ad posted not meeting all of the above criterion will be deleted without notice or comment.[/color][/size]

Ads Duration

All Ad’s will expire after 30 days and will be deleted unless the original poster updates the post before the expiration.

Ad poster is requested to modify their ad when its status changes. To edit, use the Modify button on the original post. Just add SPF, SOLD, TRADED , NO LONGER AVAILABLE or MOVED TO AUCTION to the subject line or after the item for multiple item ads. Do not remove any of the existing text unless moving to auction, many members use old ads to determine a selling price for their item.

Notify the moderators when an item is sold so the ad can be deleted.. Failure to do so may result in you getting inquiries long after the item is sold.

You may update your post at anytime by using the Modify function. You may BTT, Bring back to top your add only after 5 days have passed since you posted the last action on the ad.

If you modify a price, use the strike over function to cross out the old price then put in the new price. Do not delete the old price

[u]Items posted for sale on other sites[u]


Business Sales:

Businesses must either be advertisers of Graybeard Outdoors or must pay to post ads. For the purpose of this forum you are a business if you buy and sell for a profit the merchandise you list here. If you are either buying here and selling on E-bay or vice versa you are a business.

Those wishing to use the GBO classifieds as a “way to make a few extra bucks” may do so but only after paying the yearly fee associated with that advertising plan. Contact Graybeard for details and advertising plans.

If you are posting items for sale on a recurring basis you may considered a Business.

If you intend to liquidate a large number of items to finance a purchase contact the moderators first.

Paid sponsors may also post ads in the discussion forum.

Links to live Auctions

[s]No links to any live auction may be posted on the classified or discussion forum. Once the auction is closed a link may posted for discussion on the discussion forum. Posting links to live auctions is a violation of GBO Terms of agreement and can get you suspended or banned from GBO.[/s] Links to live auctions are now allowed in the discussion forum. However, do not use this to avoid being a paid GBO advertiser. Repeated links to auctions by the same seller will be viewed with suspicion and may be removed if it is believed that you are really advertising your wares with GBO for free.

If you move an item posted for sale here to an Auction site notify the Moderator so your ad can be deleted

Pointer Post-Links to For Sale Items on the WWW

Pointer Post to links for cannons and accessories for sale to make forum members aware of items must be posted on the Classified Forum. No commentary. They may also be posted as a reply to a WTT/WTB ad.

Pointer Post to links for cannons and accessories for sale can be posted on the discussion forum for discussion only and must open with discussion. A pointer post can also be used to respond to a discussion post.

All other links to businesses or business ads, appearing to be from businesses who are not sponsors will be deleted with no notice to posters.

Replies to Ads

The purpose of the classifieds is to buy and sell. There are plenty of other forums on GBO if you want to post you opinion on something. NO Editorials or Other Commentary . Reply to ads only to ask questions about the item or offer to buy. If you don't like something someone is selling: don't offer to buy it. If you think the price is too high: offer the seller a lower price or send them a PM and tell them.

If for some reason you think the sales price and/or representation of the merchandise is deliberately misleading or is a commercial sale by a non-sponsor, bring it to the attention of the moderators.

Constructive comments, relevant to sales only, are welcome. For instance, "Yes, I have this same cannon and it will shoot golf balls".

How to buy/sell/trade from an ad.

All preliminary transactions should be done through posts in the thread.

If a member expresses an interest in an item and asks a question on something not covered in the original "for sale" post, that is not considered an offer to buy unless they post “I will take it’. If another poster does say "I will take it", the person saying "I will take it" is considered the buyer.

When a person says "I'll take it" that constitutes a binding contract as far as GBO Classifieds are concerned. It obligates the seller to sell it to that person if they are the first to post "I'll take it" on the forum. This also obligates the buyer to complete the purchase by making payment to the seller via the means agreed to by the two

If the seller refuses to sell it to the first person to post the "I'll take it" for any reason, so long as the buyer is willing to make payment as agreed, then that seller may no longer use the GBO Classifieds ever again. **See exception below**[/color]

If the buyer refuses to make proper payment after saying "I'll take it" regardless of the reason, then that buyer may no longer use the GBO Classifieds ever again.

The owners and management of GBO recognize the right of a seller to sell to or to refuse to sell to anyone they chose AT THE LISTED PRICE. Price gouging and bidding wars are not acceptable practices here.

**If there is someone you do not want to sell to then they should be on your IGNORE list. If you have them on your ignore list, you will not be able to see their offer. GBO Administrators and Moderators are able to verify that a person is on your ignore list. This is the only exception to the first “I will take it” rule

If you sell the item before someone says I’ll take it, mark your post as required-sold. By posting your ad in GB Classifieds, you agree to sell the item to the first "I'll take it" . If you have already sold the item and someone post "I'll take it" and you have not marked your post sold you will no longer be allowed to use the classifieds.

It a buyer wants to buy the item they must post to the thread “I'll take it". Sending a PM or Email does not lock the buyer in. It is GBO Management's position the ONLY proper means of locking in an item sold on the GBO Classifieds is to be the first person to say that I’ll take it in the post where the item is listed for sale. The first “I will take it” will be considered a binding contract by GBO Management. Both parties are expected to act in good faith to complete the deal.

Proof of Shipment/Payment,

GBO encourages everyone conducting a transaction to ensure proof of payment and shipment. If you sell an item and ship it with out a proof of delivery slip you can not prove you actually shipped the item if the buyer is seeking legal action or restitution. The same with paying in cash. If you pay in cash you have no proof of payment.

GBO will no longer get involved in resolving disputes between members for deals made via the GBO classifieds. GBO has no financial stake in the transactions and just does not have the time to devote to such disputes

Trader Feedback System
GBO has a Feedback system in place. Please use this system to learn who to do or not do business with. You can leave feedback on Buyer / Seller / and Traders. This is an eBay like feedback system and you can post positive / negative / neutral feedback and post comments about your transaction. We are asking everyone who buys, sells and trades on GBO to use this system .

To use the system click on the person's user name to view the profile of the person. You will see the feedback section at the bottom. Just click leave feedback and then enter the requested info about your deal. You do not have to give a URL. Just your role buyer / seller / trader, the feedback type (good / bad / neutral) and a little comment about the deal. That’s it... just that simple...

Anyone found to be giving false feedback will be banned from leaving feedback or using the Classifieds Sections of GBO.


If a seller does not ship the item after payment has been made and received then that person may never again use the GBO Classifieds. If you use the GBO Classifieds to sell items you are by default giving the owners and administrators of this site permission to list your full name and address in the clear in a thread for dead beats, if you fail to ship merchandise to GBO Members who have paid for it.

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Default Re: Rules for use of BPM&C Classifieds--read before posting

Updated to cover free or giveaway merchandise,
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