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Conan don't fool with solid vest type pfds they suck for any kind of paddling.
Price does not matter, fit comfort and the ability to keep you afloat do.
Look for a pfd that is body fitting with large openings for your arms and very little bulk on your shoulders. Don't buy one you have not tried on, and when you try it on dress like you would when you willing using it.
You should have the same range of movement with the pfd on as you do without it. If it binds or it is not comfy I can tell you from experience you'll be scrambling to put it on when you go in the water, because you wont have it on.
I like the type that has straps or lace up sides when paddling in warm weather, solid sides are hot. That is unless you paddle with my little bride then you can be sure of staying plenty cool just make sure you have your gear lashed down good ;D


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