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Here they use a closed cooling tower and a ID coil with a fan (air handler -furnace etc) . The fans with a ring of nossles to mist are different. Misting fans . Agri supply and Kings Dominion both have misters. There is quite a large project in Va. that is using a large number of swamp coolers in an effort to cool over a million sq. ft. . The units are verr high tech but still swamp coolers ( they don't like that term on site : ) and they are seeing Va. humidity and high heat for the first time this summer. Keep in mind no water from the systen is released into the air stream . The problem is the units won't chill the air enough to remove moisture so it condenses on the concrete floor and other surfaces enough to puddle enough to be a comcern. There is a company that produces swamp coolers and they can tell you how effective their product will work in your area. In Va. its around 40% of the year .

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