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I shoot a 10" hornet barrel on my contender for NRA Hunters Pistol, metallic sights. These are 1/2 size targets at 40, 50, 75, & 100 meters.
Load is 3.7 titegroup with a 55 gr RCBS cast bullet with coke can gaschecks. I necksize only and use cci small pistol primers.
Chickens - top of front sight at leg/breast joint.
Pigs - top of front sight at belly
turkeys - top of front sight even with tail.
Rams - top of front sight at about 2 inches below the back.
I have a Williams fp rear sight with a bomar front sight and use a taco hold.
My high score with this load is 34 but I average around 27 to 32.
I have also used the bulk winchester 55gr fmj boat tail bullets with everything else the same and they shoot just the same, maybe a little better.
The hornet is really a great silhouette calibre. Low recoil and very accurate.

You can only hit the target if the barrel is pointed in the right direction when the bullet leaves the barrel.
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