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Earlier this year I found a really good deal on an MTI rescue pfd and it has turned out to be one of the best investments I've ever made. The price was really unbelievable at $54.95. The normal retail price was $140 at the store where I bought it, but pfds of this type often retail for up to $300. It was an Internet special and was supposed to be sold at that price if ordered on line. I called to see if I could go down to the store and try it on and then get the same price. I was told that would be fine, so that's what I did. When it came to actually paying for it, they gave me a price of $79.95. I said, what happened to the $54.95 price? They said that that was only for online sales. I said that I had called ahead and was told I could come to the store and pick it up. I got the $54.95 price.
If you have ever looked at rescue pfds, you know how pricey they are and you might have some idea about why they are expensive. The one I got is the real deal and in use it is even better than I hoped it would be. This thing is so comfortable that I hardly know I'm wearing it and knowing how well this pfd will do its job is very reassuring when I'm out there in big water.
I had one occasion where I tipped one of my sea kayaks on edge a bit too far where I ended up in the water. The floatation is so effective with the rescue vest that it kept me floating quite high as I just remained seated. I didn't have my paddle in hand, so I just leaned to the stern of the boat and it popped right up. The odd part was that I didn't even have to put my head in the water. Part of that is that the kayak is known to be a nearly self-roller, but I believe the great flotation of the pfd was part of the deal.

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