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Default 480 Bisley... 4-5/8 or 6-1/2”??

Title says it...
looking at getting a Lipey’s version Bisley big bore, wondering what people think (pros & cons) between the two barrel lengths? ‘Specially if you’ve had the chance to shoot em both.
Most of my larger bore revolvers are/have been around the 7” mark. This one’ll be primarily for range work and hunting- leaning towards the longer barrel for sighting and performance optimization, wouldn’t think pack-ability would suffer too much over 2” of barrel... but, open to experienced opinions.
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I don't have personal experience with that gun in that chambering, but I do in similar barrel lengths in .44 magnum. For hunting and range work, I'd opt for the longer barrel for sure. Longer sight radius makes for more accurate shooting, plus the extra barrel length will add weight and therefore reduce felt recoil & muzzle flip. Also, in Ohio at least, there is a 5" minimum barrel length for handguns for hunting. Don't know if that is a factor where you are or not.

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I vote for the 4 5/8s and wont buy a handgun with a barrel longer then 5.5. I carry a handgun in a hip holster and don't need anything longer. Even the recoil being reduced in a longer barrel doesn't hold up to my experiences. The longer a bullet is in a barrel the more time it has to impart muzzle flip. One of the most comfortable big bores I ever shot was a ruger Alaskan in 454. It felt like shooting a 44 mag after shooting my5 4/8s and 5.5 inch FA 454s. I could even tell the difference with heavy loads when comparing my 4 inch 500 linebaughs to my 5.5 inch gun with the same loads. Longer barrels in my opinion have only one advantage. that is as I get older I have problems focusing on the sights on my short guns. Even velocity doesn't mean much to me. I shoot cast bullets and pushing a cast bullet faster then 1200fps actually hurts performance on game more then it helps it. Ive owned a number of 500s 475s and 454s but never owned a 480. I don't know why because a 480 in a 4 5/8s in barrel will easily push a 400 grain cast bullet to 1100-1200 fps and kill anything on earth with a proper placed shot. Its probably the most versatile big bore round ever designed

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For hunting I prefer a longer sight radius so I like longer barrels.

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might be an advantage if your trying to shoot small groups at a 100 yards with an open sighted gun or trying to shoot a deer out at a 150 with the same. Me? ive been handgun hunting for MANY years. Ive many deer with open sighted handguns. personaly id don't take shots much past 50 yards and never past 75 and at those ranges even a 2.5 inch ruger Alaskan is minute of deer. I carry a gun all day long for 15 days of deer season. I shoot it once or twice for a second. Id much rather have a short barreled gun that in a hip holster that's fast to get into action if I walk up on a deer then have a heavier long barreled gun in a shoulder holster for the unlikely chance I need a bit more sight radius. If im going to bother with a long barreled gun I have to keep in a shoulder holster and think I might need to use it at long range I might as well ditch the open sights and go with a scope. Its no harder to carry a long barreled 6 gun in a shoulder holster with a scope then it is without one.

I tease my brother in law. he watched me handgun hunt for years and about 10 years ago decided to go that route himself. He has 3 guns he hunts with. A scoped 8 3/8s 629, a scoped rem xp in 708 and a smith 460 with the 8 or so inch barrel they use that is his open sight gun. Hes never shot a deer past 50 yards. Hes never shot a deer actually hunting (just out of blinds) We were out at camp a couple years back and I was shooting my old smith 15 4in at beer cans. He took out his three "hunting cannons" and off hand couldn't hit a thing or at least rarely hit a can. they are so big and heavy that it would take a weight lifter to hold one steady enough off hand to kill something. He told me that 50 yards would be the equalizer so I put cans out there and I hit them consistently (granted not every time like at 25) he did worse. Hed fight that gun for minutes trying to get the sights settled down on a target and just get to tired and jerk the trigger. Now if we put a bench and a rest into the equation im sure it would improve his shooting. But it would make my 4 inch gun do the same.

I told him he is hand rifle hunting not handgun hunting. His guns weight as much as my Kimber montana and the montana can be thrown over mys shoulder with a sling and actually be shot off hand. I guess everyone doesn't think like that and that's ok too. My brother in law still hunts with those wheelbarrow handguns and that's his business. Me when I handgun hunt its with a gun that is on my hip and isn't so heavy it pulls my britches down and if that isn't good enough for where im hunting I grab a rifle. Ive killed enough deer with a handgun that I don't have to strap a scope of a 5lb handgun with a long barrel to pretend it takes more skill to kill at 50 yards with then a rifle. But I wont argue that if your idea of handgun hunting is sitting in a blind with a rest and shooting 50 yards and your either new at handgun shooting or just don't put in enough time mastering a gun a bit longer barrel is easier to shoot for most.
Originally Posted by choctaw View Post
For hunting I prefer a longer sight radius so I like longer barrels.


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Default 480 Bisley

Traded into an unfired 480 Bisley right after Christmas, 6.5 barrel. Like Lloyd, I'd have preferred a 4-5/8 or so barrel but the deal was too good to pass. It'll be doing pig hunting carry duties, in a crossdraw holster.
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couldn't dream up a better pig thumper then a 480.

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I bought that same gun in 454 when they first came out with the 6 1/2 inch barrel. It was HEAVY.
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