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chpervier 05-20-2020 03:36 PM

iPad User Instructions
I use an IPad for just about everything now-a-days. Research, photos, email, etc. is all done there. How can I post an item for sale using my IPad, with pictures taken on my IPad? I have a GBO photo album file already, but canít figure out how to get my new photos from my IPad into my album and then to the classified section! I think the GBO tool bars are also displayed differently with the IPad. I am very technically challenged to the point that nothing can be left to ďassumptionĒ with me!

Argent11 05-22-2020 11:32 AM

You go to advanced at the bottom of your post and then manage attachments. When the page comes up with all the download options you tap one and it will go to your photo album on your iPad. Hit the pic you want
and it will copy it and show its copied at the bottom. Hit close this window and then save on your post and it will show it.

It isn't much different than using windows, the site does most of the work. You just tell it what you
want it to do.

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