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Default what do you think of the goverment giving everyone money?

Im totally against it. Why should we fund people that are so stupid or cheap to put away some stuff for in case of something like this. Why should someone like me that is prepared and spent my money getting ready now have the government use my tax dollars and go further in debt to help the yuppy liberals who for the most part hate the government anyway but will be the first ones standing there with there hands out. Don't have toliet paper?? Use your fingers!! Cry to me that you cant feed your kid then I will tell you that you failed as a parent anyway for not being smart enough to insure there safety. Wonder how many of those anti gun peaces of S___ are at the gun shops across the country today! Whats next. Should the government buy them a glock too!!! Wife says im a hard ass but I know that 50 percent of the country is fine without it. 20 percent will spend it on pot booze or a trip next summer. The other 30 percent doesn't even know how to cook there own supper!

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I'll take a goobermint subsidy if they are giving them away to "everyone", but I ain't standing in no stinking line to get one. Just reduce my IRS tax liability by the amount they give to "everyone". No waiting. It's ALL funny money anyway. Might as well GET ME SOME. It sure isn't going to spend itself. I'm retired, not gainfully employed any more, on Social Security into which I was FORCED to PAY my entire employed life, and according to some, Social Security benefits alone makes me already on the goobermint "dole".

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if there going to do it then do it by eliminating income tax till you get your grand or whatever there giving. That way the welfare bums who don't work and whos check is still coming in just like it always did isn't getting more beer money. Like you I don't work anymore and get social security and a retirement. I pay tax on my retirement and because my wife still works we make enough that I have to pay taxes on my social security. I just hope to **** they do this with some common sense and don't do a socialist handout. If they do it through an income tax deal at least the ones that are to lazy to work wont get a handout. I have a gut feeling though that the liberals will flip over backwards if the welfare bums don't get there share. Probably wont even have to be a US citizen.

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I agree Lloyd. In the end someone gets to pay for the $1,000 handout and it will be us again. This all about the same old BS. Taking care of those who are too lazy to take care of themselves.

A young guy that works part time at the school complains at the middle of the month every month that they are out of money and have to eat pasta and peanut butter sandwiches the rest of the month. He just got his income tax refund and blew it all on junk. He'll get a new tattoo with his $1000 and let his kids go hungry. A month ago the first money to come out of his check bought a 54 inch TV....the next day he asked me if I had an extra snow shovel that he could borrow. What I told him is probably in line with what you are thinking!
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big deal doesn't even come close to the loss in the market
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It may help some for THIS week, but what about next? And the week after that and after that? Three weeks is gonna pass then there is gonna be a major outbreak somewhere and this will start all over again..
Also... I see the Dems agreeing to do this then turning around and blaming Trump for an additional trillion dollars in debt...

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Just another worthless opinion!!
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I don't think they plan to give any to retirees so it won't affect me one way or the other.

Waste of time and money as I see it. Really how much good is a one time payment of $1000 going to do? That won't even make the average working family's house payment, let alone pay any other bills.

And a whole lot of people will just blow it on "toys", tattoos, and toilet paper!
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Yeah, my millennial nephew went crying to my sister about how broke he was. I told her not to do it but she gave him
1000 dollars anyway. And what did he do? Ran out and got a whole bunch of new tattoos.
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I think it is a really short sighted, dumb idea but if they do I'll be happy to take it. There are some dividend paying stocks that I would be happy to have more of while the price is down.
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It is election year, hmmmm.

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