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Why is Skinners an unpopular site? Are we all so scope oriented that we care nothing for iron and brass sights anymore? Maybe Skinners have closed their doors by now; I don't know. But with all the talk of accuracy and hunting and ruggedness of rifles, why has Skinner fallen by the wayside? Skinner is arguably the best of peep sight arrangements. Lyman and others offer quality stuff, but Skinner will make just for you what you need. My favorite rifle is equipped with Skinner sights, front and rear, visible in any light. What say you? What sights do you prefer over custom Skinners? I fear that the modern rifleman has given himself over to scopes, not knowing or caring what peep sights can do. Especially if you shoot a rifle with heavy bullets like 45/70, 44M, .444 and others, which have limited range. And limited range is to me what hunting is about. For lever actions and single shots, a scope is almost blasphemy, in my opinion. Have we forgotten our heritage? Even before the end of caplock muzzleloaders, the advantage of adjustable peep sights came into being.

Personally, I don't and never will own a rifle with a telescopic sight. I'm not a sniper nor do I have a need for every advantage available to the modern hunter against game. I don't need or want scent lock clothes, not do I prefer Gortex over wool. The things that make us comfortable in the wilderness are the very things I shun. Old fashioned? Yes. Optics take advantage of a gun's inherent accuracy, I know. But a rifleman, a true rifleman, ought to look or at least glance backward into real marksmanship and the true challenge of hunting. To rest your modern synthetic-stocked bolt action on a tripod and peer through a magnifying scope to kill an animal at long range IS NOT HUNTING. It is merely shooting. And the challenge of even just shooting is negated by the crutch of a scope.

Hey. Just my opinion. In these modern times where everything is about ease and comfort, we have lost the spirit of shooting and hunting.
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Obviously not a popular topic.
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Originally Posted by Miss Lilly View Post
Obviously not a popular topic.
Oh I have a bunch to say but I don't have a keyboard right now... Give me a bit!

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Not a whole lot you can say about aperture sights - other than they work and work well. I've used them quite a bit over the years, but there comes a time for some of us that we need to go to a scope for real precision. I still shoot guns with peep sights, but over the last few years the front sight has gotten a bit fuzzy even with the help of the aperture.

The problem (for me) is on a carbine length barrel of about 20 inches of less (the shorter, the worse it is) the front sight begins to get a bit fuzzy. With a 22 inch or longer barrel the front sight is still fairly sharp. But doggone it, the rifles I really like peeps on are the shorter barreled carbines!

I've went more and more to scopes just because I don't feel as confident of making a well-placed shot on game with the peeps as I used to. And I feel I owe it to the animal to try my best to make a clean kill.

Just because I use more scopes now doesn't mean I don't like peeps - I really enjoy shooting them.
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I have peeps on nearly every lever rifle I own. I do own a "few".
IIRC I only have one or two Skinners, no particular reason, maybe cause the majority of my peeps where bought and paid for before Skinner was a company...

I have been eyeing a 22MAG, Henry game gun in 16" W/Skinner peeps for some time now. I want it, just dont "need" it.


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I've long used peepsights (45+ years), and a few Skinner's (since their introduction) - and still prefer them to most scopes (for dim light hunting, I use only low-powered scopes with illuminated reticles).

IME, there's more advantage in peepsights for hunters; not so much these days for (target) shooters.

Younger shooters tend to want to use the EASY button of scope sights, ILO learning/practicing the proper use of peepsights.

Also IME, those who say they tried a peepsight, but didn't like it, are usually the folks who look AT the peepsight & try to center the front sight in the aperture (WRONG ! ), instead of looking through the aperture, focusing on the front sight & simply placing the front sight "on target".


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I, too, have peep sights on my lever actions and a couple of .22s. I like peeps and if at all possible I put peeps on any rifle I have that does not have a scope. The problem is not with peeps, it is with age. I turned 70 recently. I can still see to shoot with peeps under good lighting conditions and the right front sight. In the dark woods shooting peeps is another story. The 50 yard range at my house has the target sitting in dense woods. A three inch circle on this range is difficult to see with peeps. Determining which of the front sights I am seeing is the real one is another issue. I solved that problem by going to a sharp pointed post.

I still shoot my peep sighted lever actions, but I seldom hunt with them now unless I am in a short range situation. I am going to need cataract surgery eventually and that will help some with the lighting problem. Bottom line is, age eventually gets us all in one way or another.

Spruce, if you get a flattop post as a front sight and file the top to an abrupt point like /\. Sort of like the top of the Washington Monument. That will really help with the front sight picture. On a 20 inch barrel that sharp top front post is really clear now. It helped a lot with the 16" barrel. Not quite as clear as the 20", but I can still shoot it very well.
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I use both . I still feel like I'm hunting when there's a scope on my rifle. I totally respect your choice of not using a scope. I'm gonna be nice & leave it at that.

I dont care what gun Im using as long as Im hunting
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You will understand after 50.

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I've admired them from afar for some time.
Just can't justify the cost.
Heck, Yo can suit up a barrel with reasonable glass for less and actually make your target appear larger!
Always liked a peep.
Someday I'll find a deal on a set and retire my optics from one of the venerable big bores.

Think twice, shoot once...
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