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Default Taurus for Super Redhawk

Well for sure short barrels with scope mounted on barrel are a bit tricky. Scope needs to be set back as far in the rings as possible and you need as short a scope as possible.

My recommendation would be to get a Leupold 2X hadngun scope. It's really all the power you need for a revolver and has the widest FOV of them all. Variables are all gonna be much longer and I don't think any other fixed power is as short or has as wide a FOV.

Get Burris Signature Zee Rings so if you need to you can use offset inserts to get the POI well centered in the scopes view before you have to start using the scopes adjustments. This really helps in the off chance you need to make a lot of adjustment to get POA and POI the same.

Pull the scope back to you as far as it will go and set the rings in the positions on the base that allows it to set back as far as possible. You really don't want that objective over the holes in the barrel and at least 1/2" or more is far better.

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