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Default 1/5th Scale Garrison Style Cannon from the Canadian Cannon Company

This high-quality, historically accurate cannon is patterned after the 24 pounder Civil War garrison cannons. It features a beautifully machined barrel made from a 4” solid round bar of 12LD 14 steel with a tensile strengthof 80,000 PSI. The barrel is 24” long, 4” dimeter at the breech and 3.2” diameter at the muzzle. It has 1” trunnions, a 1.687” bore, and weighs 43 lbs.

The 24” steel barrel sits on an accurately detailed oak carriage. The carriage is 15” long, 9” high, 10.5” wide and weighs 10.3 pounds.The hardware is made from solid brass which is machined, formed and then highly buffed. The wheel axles are 1” solid aluminum which are pressed and pinned into the axle trees. The wheels are red oak with decorative brass pins. The quoin is dovetailed for easy and precise elevation adjustment.

This signal cannon uses up to 600 grains of cannon grade blackpowder, producing lots fire, clouds of smoke, and a deep loud boom that willreverberate off nearby hills.

Golf balls are an inexpensive projectile for this cannon and they are surprisingly accurate. You don’t want to be on the receiving end. I’ve attached a picture of a 4x4 that was hit by a golf ball. Range was 50 yards.

This cannon is in excellent condition with no rust, pitting,dings, scratches or any other flaws. It has a very clean bore.

Price: $995 (The cannon is priced about 40% below retail and you avoid a typically 2 to 3 month wait for the cannon to be made once you’ve paid for it. What’s not to like?)

Shipping to lower 48: $70

I will obtain actual shipping costs and if lower than $70, you will be charged the lower price. On the other hand if shipping is more, I will eat the difference. The cannon will be packed better than I would like it to be if it were being sent to me.....from Mongolia.

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